Simone Biles Gift for Suni Lee’s Dad

Well known olympic gymnast, Simone Biles, surprised Sunisa (Suni) Lee’s, (another olympic gymnast), dad with a new wheelchair. This was on the Today show on Wednesday, August 25, 2021. So even after the Olympics, Simone is still inspiring and kind to others.

Suni Lee’s dad, John Lee, needs a wheelchair because he was paralyzed two years ago. John Lee’s accident happened only a few days before Suni Lee was expected at the USA Gymnastics National Championships. According to, John Lee injured himself by falling off a ladder when trimming a friend’s tree. Since then he has been suffering from a back injury. 

The wheelchair was an electric wheelchair from Quantum Rehab, according to It was also custom-fitted to him. He first saw it by being led down his driveway. At the end of the driveway were also his family and close friends, encouraging John with signs that read loving and emotional sayings. 

Simone Biles wanted to complete an act of kindness after seeing the significant father-daughter bond. She knew Suni and John had a great bond when Suni surprised her dad with her gold medal. According to, Simone teamed up with the Today show to make it happen. John was grateful for the wheelchair and for a small but noticeable amount of independence. John was also surprised with a video from Simone because she could not be there to surprise him. 

This proves that not all heroes wear capes, and that acts of kindness can be as simple as giving someone a pencil. So why don’t we all try to be like Simone Biles and Suni Lee and have good friendships or relationships. Also trying to make the world a better place, and help everyone.

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