Fake HS Football Team plays IMG Academy on ESPN Feature

By: Gus Wilson

On Sunday, August 29th, International Management Group (IMG) Academy faced off against Bishop Sycamore, a “prestigious” high school program from Ohio in a game that was actually aired live on ESPN. This game resulted in a 58 – 0 blowout in favor of IMG. Throughout the game, the announcers were questioning Bishop Sycamore and how they could not find their “Five Star Recruits” on any recruiting website. This was only the beginning. 

It turns out that Bishop Sycamore had no five-star football recruits playing for their so-called “top tier” program. In fact, they had no one that was high school level playing the game. According to several reports that were relayed to ESPN and other sports networks, the team was full of Junior College football players and high school dropouts, all 19 or older. These practically grown men were living in hotel rooms and fighting each other for food opportunities for the past five months. The team also played the Friday before their game against IMG. All of the controversies led to their head coach Roy Johnson being fired. It doesn’t stop there.

Head Coach Roy Johnson currently has an ongoing warrant out for his arrest, which isn’t the only legal trouble the team will be getting into. It turns out that the address Bishop Sycamore gave to their “school” in Ohio was the address of a random home. Reports then came out that Bishop Sycamore wasn’t, and has never been, a school of any kind. Their football team was a giant money-laundering scheme and even ESPN fell for it. The entirety of the situation is now headed into legal hands.

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