DeSantis Lifts Mask Mandates

          In the wake of COVID vaccines being given out to the public some states have lifted almost all mandates. Florida has now added itself to that list being one of the largest states to make this decision. 

          This decision for any state is very difficult and controversial with their still being many different views on the COVID situation. However DeSantis believes the time of mandates for masks is in the past and at this point it’s useless. Part of this is due to the new vaccines that have come out with Desantis stating “I think if you are saying, that you really are saying you don’t believe in the vaccines, you don’t believe in data, you don’t believe in science.” However many may believe masks are completely gone but that’s not true as a business not owned by the government can have their own regulations on masks. The non mask mandate comes into effect July 1 but there is an attempt to have it come into play earlier.

         Everyone whether they disagree or agree on the decision can all come together and hope all goes well.  If all goes according to plan hopefully we will all never have to worry about masks again and go back to a fully normal life sooner than later.

The outdoor mask mandate has been loosened. So why is everyone still  wearing them? - The Boston Globe

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