KWHS Students’ Perspectives: Are masks still a thing?

**DISCLAIMER: THIS ARTICLE DOES NOT EXPRESS THE VIEWS OF THE AUTHOR AND STAFF MEMBERS OF β€œTHE SNAPPER”** Throughout 2021, the mask policy at Key West High School (KWHS) has changed drastically over the COVID-19 year. Starting as wearing them full time, then students wavering the facial guards with parent consent, and now a choice for students and teachers.  In an anonymous survey run by Google … Continue reading KWHS Students’ Perspectives: Are masks still a thing?

DeSantis Lifts Mask Mandates

          In the wake of COVID vaccines being given out to the public some states have lifted almost all mandates. Florida has now added itself to that list being one of the largest states to make this decision.            This decision for any state is very difficult and controversial with their still being many different views on the COVID situation. However DeSantis believes the time of mandates … Continue reading DeSantis Lifts Mask Mandates