Big Ten to Play in the CFB 2020 Season

 Big Ten football has officially made the decision that they will return to college football this season. This is after they announced just a few weeks ago they would not be participating in the upcoming season due to Covid-19.

    So now unless anything comes up the Big Ten is set to return October 23. They will have each team play 8 games and although the late start to their season they are ready to have a full season and play football which is most important. This is a big help for the kids playing football as many are going to be able to show off their talents if they are trying to make it to the NFL. This will also help college football as a whole as the Big Ten is one of the top conferences and without it would leave a big mark on college football. 

     This also leaves the Pac 12 as the only team in the Power 5 not participating in the season so we will have to see if any second decision to play is made on their part. This will be very interesting to see what they do as that side of the country has been very strict with Covid-19. However with every other major conference participating it could change their original decision. Either way it’s great to see that most of the top conferences are playing and with the addition of the Big Ten it adds even more championship contenders to an already wide open race for the National Title. As an update the Pac 12 also is set to return which is even more of an excitement as now all the major conferences are ready to go for what is to be a very intriguing season.


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