The Return of Sports

Throughout this very wild and unforgettable year, many events have been cancelled or postponed due to COVID-19. Sports have been one of the most greatly affected areas. As we are slowly trying to fight off the virus and understand how to live life with it, sports are also starting to come back. 

For starters, one of the first sports that came back was NASCAR and they had all eyes on them due to this. The first race was May 17th and they have been going strong. So far only two drivers have been diagnosed with COVID-19 and both came back healthy after a week. NASCAR was able to bring a capacity of fans to some races and that went smoothly as well. 

        Baseball also has made a return in the form of the MLB, which came back on July 23rd. Other than a couple teams being diagnosed with COVID-19, the virus has been combated well and games are still being played, but no fans are allowed. Although virtual fans and cardboard cut out people have been implemented to bring the regular atmosphere back, it’s obviously still not the same. Right now, the Dodgers have the best record in the MLB at 22 wins and nine losses. 

Adding on, the most notable return in sports is the NBA, since they came back on July 30th. Out of all the sports leagues they have done the best as they have had zero positive tests of COVID. The NBA is also in the playoffs right now and with no signs of failures for their “bubble.” All looks well for the NBA to end their season successfully COVID wise. Even though they have postponed games in light of the Jacob Blake situation, they hope they will return to play. As of August 31st, the NBA has returned and looks fully on track now to complete the season as games have now continued. 

        Other sports have also returned, like professional soccer and the NHL. Both of them are moving forward strong. Meanwhile, football has been a main sport that has not come back and the controversy surrounding it is high as it is a big contact sport, and one of the main issues of COVID is the distance between people. Ideas have been made for helmet design, and the NFL has begun practicing over the past few weeks. With that being said the first game is scheduled for September 10th with the Texans versus the Chiefs, and the season should be played as things stand. 

Meanwhile, college football is not so simple as practices have begun and schedules have been set up but a multitude of problems have come upon there season. The main issue is that many conferences have cancelled their seasons like the Big 10 and the Pac 12, while the Big 12, SEC, and ACC are all planning to play. The schedules have been ever changing and nobody really knows if there will be a fall season for college football, as many have suggested setting up for spring play. This is also an issue for the players, especially the ones who look to enter the upcoming NFL Draft, as they are going to have to see what happens with the season before they decide if they will enter.

        So in conclusion, while many sports have managed to go along strongly with their seasons and have been able to play well with the COVID risk, other leagues have failed to find a place to even start. We will have to see what happens to those leagues and how they manage in the near future.

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