Lil Uzi Vert Eternal Atake Review

On March 6, 2020, the long awaited, Eternal Atake, finally released to the happiness of many. This is Uzi’s second studio album, following after his very successful first album Luv is Rage 2, which consisted many of his most popular tracks including his smash hit, XO TOUR Llif3, which was (before the release of Futsal Shuffle 2020) his highest charting song at the time. 

       However, Eternal Atake had to live up to the immense hype that it carried, and to say the least, this album carrying eighteen tracks, did not disappoint. The start of the album from tracks one to six carried a very different style than what Uzi has ever brought forth, with more of a fast rap style. While the two outliers of that group are tracks four and five, POP and You Better Move, it still consists of very different styles than what Uzi typically brings. 

       Then after track six of Homecoming, the last song created on Eternal Atake before release, came the next section of the album tracks seven to twelve. Other than I’m Sorry (which is a slower paced song), all the songs came very upbeat and happy  with choirs in the background. This includes an Ariana Grande sample on the track, Celebration Station. This section of the album is my personal favorite, as I love the beats that sound like they are from another planet, and the beautiful vocals in the background. This all really adds to the theme of the album. The twelfth and final track of this section of the album Prices also contains a very popular sample from the song, Way Back by Travis Scott. The beat is a more sped up version of the synth on that song. This is also my favorite track on the album, since the Travis Scott sample blends perfectly with Uzi’s vocals, making it truly a great song.

     The final stretch of the album, tracks thirteen to sixteen, has a great mixture of styles as it starts out with a very slow paced song in Urgency, which features SYD, the only feature on the album. This leads to another up paced song in Venetia which is also a fan favorite on the album. Before the final track is another slow paced song,  Secure The Bag, where Uzi shows lots of emotion in his vocals. Personally, I think this is one of the more underrated songs on the album due to that emotion in his voice. The song, P2, is essentially the part 2 of XO TOUR Llif3, which is one of the most popular songs on the album, since it got a lot of recognition due to it being a second part . To say the least it didn’t disappoint like a lot of sequels usually do, as it may not be as good as XO TOUR Llif3, but it definitely holds its own and is a great outro to the album. 

    Uzi also has two bonus tracks, Futsal Shuffle 2020 and That Way, which were the two singles released prior to the album and both did very well on their own, even though they are both very different styled songs. To wrap it up, Eternal Atake was a very hyped up album which thankfully lived up to the hype. It showcased many of Uzi’s different styles of music, showing his versatility once again. The album also tells a story at the end of each track, which I find pretty cool as Uzi has never done that before in his music. Overall, the songs are fantastic and Uzi did not disappoint with this album, so I’d give it an overall 9.5 out of 10 rating. I would highly recommend you’d give it a listen, if you haven’t already.

Eternal Atake
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