My Future Review

Photo Provided by Billie Eilish’s Instagram (@billieeilish)

Starting out as a 14 year old girl with a dream, Billie Eilish released a new alternative pop single, My Future, on July 30, 2020, after her last single, No Time To Die, and her booming album, When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go? 

First impressions are always important, and this one made me very ecstatic. The song begins slowly, expressing the sorrowful feeling with a keyboard, of how she had to leave her past troubles behind, so that she can love her future self.  

Eilish explains in the song how she isn’t in the picture of someone else’s life, so she had to leave it to make her own. “…i’m just a mirror. you check your complexion, to find your reflection’s all alone. i had to go,” says Eilish in My Future. I admire how she didn’t make this another “club song.” She addressed a message and put it into a clear lyrical form that is also extremely enjoyable to listen to.

Speeding up the pace after the first chorus, Eilish is now expressing the importance of disconnecting the toxicity from your life. She’s saying that you don’t have to be with someone to be happy. All you need is yourself. The change of speed really helps identify the mood variations from before and after the first chorus. 

Adding on, the mix of electronic beats and guitar vocals makes this verse a light, joyful feeling. It makes being isolated from others seem ok, which it is. “…know i’m supposed to be unhappy without someone. but aren’t i someone,” states Eilish in My Future. 

When I first heard the slow beginning, I thought it was going to be another depressing song from Billie Eilish. I was indeed surprised when it brightened up. The differentiation between this song and other songs by Eilish made this one incredibly unique.  

I’m usually not a big fan of the alternative genre, but I have to say that Eilish executed this song so well that I enjoy listening to it anywhere I go. It’s a good song to liven your spirits and to make you thrilled for your future. I’m excited to see what Eilish comes up with next. 

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