Umbrella Academy Season 2

On July 31st, Netflix dropped the second season of Umbrella Academy. Based on the Dark Horse comic book series, the show focuses on the seven Hargreeves siblings, who each have unusual abilities. On October 1st, 1989, they were born and quickly gathered by their adoptive father to fight crime. Season 1 focuses on them finally coming together after years apart, now in their 30s, due to their father’s sudden death. Spoiler alert, that season ended with a bang, leaving us all wondering if the siblings survived the apocalypse and confused by what exactly Five did to get them out of there. 

Season 2 starts with the bunch being shot back into the past, arriving in the early 60s. They have been separated through time (each having arrived years of or months apart from each other), and so each end up starting completely new lives, seeing as they’re each affected differently by the time period. Eventually, Five finds out that being in the 60s brought the apocalypse with them, still not knowing what (or who) starts it.

Photo provided by Umbrella Academy Instagram

 Throughout the ten episodes, “The Umbrella Academy” shows the struggles each Hargreeves goes through and the even more challenging feats that bring them back together. In the end, they had to sever their attachments to this new world to stop the end of the world and return things to normal.

When watching season 2, I found myself always ready for the next episode. Every episode had some exciting twist at the end that made me need to go on to the next. The character development and storylines were so engaging that it was delightful to watch. Each person already had a crazy backstory, and this season went deeper into the past and their relationships. Seeing how each person changed because of the new people around them reveals more than we already know. It shows us that they are more than who they are individually. The new set of characters that came along this season (and their storylines) were another great addition. 

The producers did a fantastic job tying each character into the 60s by showing what their life would be like if they were originally from there. Plots like crazy cults, civil rights, and JFK put together real history and what the show made of it. The one thing that I believe the creators should have changed was the music. Yes, there were some great hits that were fun to listen to, but not all came from the decade that the season was set. Music may have not been the main focus during production, but I think some tunes from 60s era bands like the Beatles or the Rolling Stones would’ve fit amazingly.

Netflix has not renewed the show for season 3, but seeing that it was recently released in late July, there is still a lot of time for that decision to be made. With a rotten tomato rating of 90%, this show has become one of the summer’s big hits.

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