Social Media Stars

Social Media, a place that can make or break us. Social media has been a very big thing in our teenage lives. It the ability to help us or harm us. Either way, it’s still there. Well I went ahead and interviewed one of my peers, Jenkavia Harper, who has an massive amount of following on her Instagram account and asked her questions about how it helped her life.

  1. What app are you most followed on?
    •  Instagram
  2. How many followers do you have?
  • I have about 277K followers. 
  1. Has any other big social media stars recognize you?
  • “I have gotten notice by @Taylorgirls, @pyt.ny_, and @NicoleTv. 
  1. Did the amount of followers change your life this school year?
  • “No, not really.”
  1. Does it change the way you interact with people at school?
  • “No, not really, I’ve just always been quiet.”
  1. Have you gotten any major opportunities since your big following?
  • “Yes, by Brandon Basterenoon, he makes jewelry and sends them to me.”
  1. Have you made any other friends with big influencers?
  • “Yes, like @D1.nayah and @Bracefacelaii.”
  1. When did you download social media in the first place?
  • “September of 2016.”
  1. When did you blow up?
  • “Around the summer of 2017.”
  1. Do you think you’re following will keep progressing?
  • “Yes, most definitely.”

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