Pictures Of The Week

Cory Nutt, pictured on the left, is one of the 29 other students to pass their industry certification. Nutt was the only one to perfectly pass with a 1000/1000.

Credit: Ebenson Michelin

     At Key West High School, there was a table set up supporting the Special Olympics team. The orange shirts worn by seven of the people pictured help support the team.

Credit: Key West High School

On the 17th and 18th of October, a few classes at the high school participated in a Running of the Bulls. Pictured above is one of the participating classes.

Credit: Michael Strasser

                        Junior Rocky Grassi (white shirt) is just narrowly beating classmate Nick Henriquez, Junior, in one of the laps.

Credit: Michael Strasser

On Thursday, October 31st, many staff members at Key West High dressed up in outfits from their favorite decades.

Credit: Ed Smith

            On Tuesday October 29th, Character Day was the theme of Homecoming Week. Mrs. Rech’s class was one of the many showing off their spirit.

                     Credit: Tommy Highsmith

Mrs. Shannon Perkins, the leader of the KW Wake Club, is showing her students how to wakeboard at one of the first 

Credit: Brock Perkins.

         Ryan Kaye, a sophomore at Key West, is a first time wakeboarder at the practice. 

Credit: Shannon Perkins.

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