How to Deal with Writer’s Block

By: Thomas Horvath

When writing, you have to be inventive and have fresh ideas. This can get difficult, as writing too often can result in writer’s block. Writer’s block is when a writer reaches a writing shortage and is unable to come up with new ideas to write about. When in writer’s block, it can feel like coming up with new ideas is impossible, but there are solutions to writer’s block.

One is to take a break from writing for a little while. This will give you time to rest your brain and come up with fresh material to write on. While taking this break, find something that interests you and write about that. Indulging in literature or media that fascinates you can ignite the creative flame in your brain that will give you a boost to continue writing. Another way is to ask someone else what they think you should write about. Taking advice from others is a great decision in all fields, especially writing, since you want people to read what you write. The most crucial, in my opinion, is making sure you do not procrastinate. Procrastination and writer’s block tend to go hand in hand with one another, as when you have a deadline that is closer than you’d like, you tend to feel like you don’t know what you want to do. Avoiding distractions entirely helps stay focused on what you are writing about.

If it wasn’t obvious, I wrote this article because I am having writer’s block. But doing this has helped me realize ways to avoid writer’s block from here on out, as researching other people’s articles helps give a new perspective to writing and the process you have to follow. I hope this is helpful to someone who is struggling with writer’s block, and maybe this can help you find your best strategy for writing. 

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