The Debates of the Ukrainian War

By: Thomas Horvath

It has been over a year since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine started. While Ukranian efforts have been holding the Russians off, it does not look like Russian President Vladimir Putin or his forces will be pulling out any time soon. Ukraine has been receiving billions of dollars in aid from members of NATO, including the United States (U.S.). The U.S. has provided over $13 billion in aid to Ukraine since the initial invasion in early 2022. However, this has sparked controversy in our country, with many people disagreeing on if we should continue to financially support Ukraine. 

While your stance on the topic of conflict could be bipartisan, this issue, of course, has turned into a left versus right debate. Most on the left want to keep funding Ukraine while most on the right want to stop the funding and focus on our country, pointing out how high inflation has been as a result of printing too much money. The opposers on the left claim that helping Ukraine is the morally correct thing to do with our power and that we should help as much as possible. 

There is no correct answer between these two points, and the fact that this has become a political issue at all is a frightening sign of where this country is heading. Every issue is turned into political ammo to be used against opponents, with every single shooting, murder, attack, or any other crisis being turned into he-said she-said nonsense. The blame is continually deflected to someone else, without thinking about where the problem came from. The country needs to come together and stop fighting over everything. Our first president warned us of this, but no one listened to him. Still, it is not too late for America to change its course. 

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