Tamarin Monkey’s

Dallas Zoo’s emperor tamarin monkeys vanished from their cage and are now missing, according to authorities. This is the latest strange occurrence involving an animal or a habitat at the zoo. After facility employees discovered that their habitat had been “deliberately violated,” the Dallas Police Department was notified about the missing animals early on Monday morning by zoo officials. The zoo stated that the animals would probably stay near their enclosure and that staff members searched the facility’s grounds but were unable to locate them. According to a police spokeswoman, a preliminary examination showed that the habitat had been intentionally cut, hinting at a possible abduction. On Tuesday, Dallas police made a request for assistance in locating a man they wish to talk with regarding the missing monkeys. Police did not elaborate on their theory regarding the suspect’s involvement in the disappearance of the animals. Three other incidents had occurred before the disappearance, including the death of Pin, an endangered vulture who was discovered dead on January 21 with what zoo officials called an “unusual wound.” 

Authorities claim that on January 13, Nova, a 3-year-old clouded leopard, escaped from her wire mesh pen after it had been cut. The animal, which the zoo claimed posed no threat to the public, was discovered after the zoo had closed for the day. Authorities discovered a similar cut at the habitat where langur monkeys are housed when they were looking into Nova’s escape. According to Dallas police at the time, none of the animals escaped, were hurt, or were stolen. Although it’s unclear if the events are connected, the zoo announced that it was boosting security by adding more nighttime guards and cameras. A $10,000 prize was also provided for information that resulted in an arrest and an indictment.

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