Noodle the Pug

Noodles the pug became a hit TikTok sensation with his owner, Jonathan Graziano when Graziano began a game of “bones” or “no bones.”  Graziano would sit Noodles upright, and if the dog flopped back into bed, it would be a “no bones” day, and Graziano would urge people to be gentle with themselves and others.  It wasn’t necessarily a bad day, just one to take a little slower than normal.  If Noodles would stay standing, however, the day would be a “bones” day, which signified that you should go out and take risks.  

Picture of Jonathan Crziano with Noodles. Photo Provided.

Although this fan-favorite duo had been posting almost daily videos on TikTok, they took a hiatus in September.  On September 28, Graziano posted on Instagram, “He’s not doing great.  We’re working on great, but we’re doing a little recalibration here.”  Graziano was referencing some traveling the duo had been doing that had worn them down.  A day after his initial post, Graziano also stated, “He’s 14 ¼ yrs old and as many of you know A LOT comes with that kind of age. We’re just navigating some of the ‘a lot’ right now.”

Noodles, unfortunately, died on Friday, December second at the age of 14.  Noodles had been nearing his end for a while, but his death is still saddening to his fanbase as well as his owner Graziano.  Graziano had to break the news to 4.4 million followers on TikTok, stating, “This is incredibly sad. It’s incredibly difficult.  It’s a day that I always knew was coming but never thought would arrive.” Graziano had tears in his eyes as he announced what had happened.  Graziano understood the sadness the fanbase feels but told them, “I want to encourage you to celebrate him while we’re navigating this sadness.  He lived 14 and half years, which is about as long as you can hope a dog can and he made millions of people happy. What a run.”


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