Bear Attack

Brady Lowry and Kendell Cummings were enjoying hunting just west of the Bobcat Houlihan trail on a beautiful Saturday afternoon. The sophomores at Northwest College in Powell, Washington, were innocently antler hunting when their hunting trip turned into a nightmare. In a matter of seconds, the two college students were face-to-face with a Grizzly Bear. These two boys were with a group of four wrestlers, but they split up when terror struck. Brady and Kendell were brutally attacked by the bear and left majorly injured. 

After the attack took place, the group of four boys was able to call 911. Then the two injured boys, with the help of their friends, made it back up to the trailhead where they met Park County Search and rescue officials. One of the men was airlifted out due to his major injuries, and the other was taken in an ambulance. They both arrived at a hospital in Billings Montana and underwent surgery immediately. No specifics were released about their injuries, but they are expected to make full recoveries. The Northwest College Foundation created a fundraiser to raise money for the two students’ medical bills and expenses.  

The attack happened so quickly that the student was not able to deploy the bear spray which they had with them. The college’s president for which they attend said how grateful they were that the students were assisted quickly and how happy she was that this scary event ended without tragedy or loss. 

Recently, there has been more frequent bear activity at low elevations. Where the attack took place was said to be from six to ten bears close by. The area is under close watch, and bear activity is being continuously monitored. The case is also being investigated in hopes of preventing future attacks.   

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