How reading can be fun

Some people think that reading is boring but I think reading can be amazing. If you have a hard time finding something fun to read and is in your interest, try reading some fiction books. My personal favorite series is the Harry Potter franchise. When I read I see the scenario in my head. I have no idea if other people do that, but I do. Reading is great for you, and when you are reading you can go to a different world and make new imaginations with books. Some people find reading boring, because they lose track of where they are reading or they don’t want to read because they don’t like the book. I am currently thinking about writing a book and when people read it I want people to think “wow this is interesting” or “I like this book”. 

It took me a while to find the style of books that I’m interested in. It will take other’s a while too. Fiction books tend to be people’s favorite books because of the adventures and the mystical things in the book. Some people like historical fiction books or even science fiction books. Reading doesn’t have to be fairy tales and romance, it can be something involved with learning. Sometimes people use reading as an escape from their real life. I also happen to do that too. When you’re reading a fantasy book you might be able to envision it. For example if the book says “in the forest, there is a big brown bear” you can see the big brown bear in the forest. In my opinion I think,very one should read at least ten minutes a day right before bed. When I read before I go to bed I find it relaxing and cozy. Since I’m in love with reading I can easily do work that is assigned to read a book. I find reading to be relaxing and fun. 

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