Tame Impala The Slow Rush Top Three Songs

Tame Impala’s 2020 album The Slow Rush has aged like fine wine and really turned out to be another masterpiece by Kevin Parker. Today I will look at the top three songs off the album in my opinion and give my thoughts on them. 

  • Posthumous Forgiveness-The song that lands at the number three spot for me are Posthumous Forgiveness. The first half of the song is about Parker’s father who had passed away and some of Parker’s his anger towards his father for not being there at times. The song is very high energy with some crazy synths and sounds that get you mesmerized in the song. The second half provides a beat switch, which comes to a much calmer part of the song which pertains to the song’s name. Parker forgives his father and wishes he had him back in his life. The lyrics “Just a boy and a father, what I’d give for another” shows this and Parker’s want and sadness for his lost father.
  • Breathe Deeper-The second best song in my opinion is Breathe Deeper. This song is uptempo and an overall happy song, about getting through tough things in life by breathing in and pushing through all the bad. The hook to this song will get stuck in your head and it’s just fantastic, it fits the theme of the song perfectly. The song also has a couple beat switches at the end without lyrics but it helps keep you interested in the song for the last minute and a half. Overall the song is great and something that can always aid you in getting through rough patches in life I feel.
  • One More Hour-The best song on the album and in my eyes Parker’s best song ever is One More Hour. The only way to describe this song is beautiful, with the beginning of it using guitars and drums heavily, sounding like an explosion of sounds all coming together. After this the song calms down with Parker’s vocals being the standout, his lyricism on this song really hits hard for me and is part of why I love this song so much. After this period of calm, the guitars and drums come back as a solo for about a minute and a half along with many other sounds creating a fantastic array of instruments. The last two minutes go back to the calmer sound with Parker’s vocals once again at the forefront. Parker in the end seems at peace with things and as the theme of the album is about time,  he realizes he has one more year to do it all again.

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