Lavool Village’s Primate Problem

By: Thomas Horvath

A growing issue in the small Indian village called Lavool, is the rise of violent and vengeful monkeys. These monkeys have been terrorizing the village for roughly a year as of this article being made. 

This all started when a group of dogs killed an infant monkey in the village. This allegedly sparked vengeance in the monkeys, who have now been targeting dogs in the area. Now, whenever a dog is out in the open anywhere in the Beed district, it’s certain that a monkey will come and snatch it. The monkeys then kill the dogs by bringing them to the tops of buildings and dropping them off, instantly killing them, or by leaving them on the roofs to starve to death. The New York Post reported in December of 2021 that roughly 250 dogs had been murdered. There have been no sources since December of 2021, but it is likely that these numbers have gone up even more. The pooch population has been practically annihilated in the area. Still, this has not stopped people from trying to save the remaining dogs, with some humans falling off roofs trying to save them. Two monkeys ended up being captured and were released in a forest away from the village. This, however, is a very small amount of monkeys, compared to the dozens that terrorize the village.

The monkeys have now set their sights on school children. According to News18, the monkeys now attack children coming back from or going to school. This has caused even more fear in the village, now that no one is safe. Will there be an end to the madness? There have been no follow up articles, so maybe the chaos has ended. Still, it does seem like that Lavool village will never be a safe place for dogs again. 

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