Animal Abuse- Peanut the Puppy

2006, in the middle of the night, Danielle Neilsens seven month old Fox terrier puppy named Peanut was kidnapped. Jonathan Blake and one of his friends kidnapped the puppy and brought the small dog to Moranbah rodeo grounds where they videoed themselves abusing the puppy. Jonathan Blake and the puppies owner Danielle had a fight before the dog was kidnapped, hurting the dog was thought to be a way to get back at Danielle for their falling off. It was not hard to tell that they men were trying to toture the dog as the video showed. The men began by stabbing the dog using knifes and garden tools, leaving the dog with slashes and deep cuts all over its body. But they didn’t stop there they ended up amputating two of the dogs legs off, leaving the puppy in excruciating pain. The men were not done yet after the dog had been cut and slashed open and left without two of his legs, they cut the puppies nose off. They were very obviously trying to make Peanuts life as miserable as possibly before ended it. Using one of their knifes they sliced the tiny nose off of the tiny helpless puppy. The video showed the puppy yelping and crying as he was beaten. The men continued to hurt the puppy and wouldn’t stop, the finally act against the dog they took was decapitating the tiny dog. The men tortured Peanut until his dying breath and Peanut the puppy passed away in pain and scared for his life Later Peanuts helpless remain were found scattered around the areana. After torturing and killing Peanut, Jonathan Blake drove away from the dog and crashed his borrowed car into a council fence. Jonathan was arrested for drinking and driving, during his arrested his phone was confiscated and pictures and videos of him killing Peanut were found. In the video during the killing of Peanut Jonathan Blake and his accomplish were laughing and making comments about the dog, so it was quite clear they were happily torturing the dog. While the video was watched many claimed “ It is also clear that the dog is in executing pain.” The torture of the dog Peanut left the owner in great suffering, which we know was Jonathan’s reasoning for hurting the dog. During Jonathan Blake’s trail the three videos were unneeded and they had enough details and evidence to sentence Jonathan to three years in jail, the maximum sentence. But after one third of the sentence was served Jonathan Blake was released due to parole. The videotapes also were destroyed as the judge ordered them to be. Jonathan Blake, today at the age of 25 pleaded guilty to seven charges, which include burglary and killing a animal. Jonathan Blake was arrested again in 2006, and served 21 months in jail. Peanuts horrifying death and suffering, has been told as the “worst case of animal cruelty in Australian history.” As Peanuts story was told, many wept and cried as they were told the details of Peanuts death.      

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