O.J Simpson

O.J Simpson, a former college and professional football star accused of killing his wife and her close friend. O.J Simpson was born on July 9, 1947, he was an actor, spokesman, star running back, and broadcaster. He was married to Nicole Brown Simpson and had five children. Her parents are Jimmy Lee and Eunice Simpson. He has three siblings. On June 12, 1994, his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her close friend Ronald Goldman were stabbed to death outside her home in Los Angeles. O.J Simpson after being notified of impending charges, June, 17th he hid in the back of a sports van driven by A.C Cowlings, his close friend. Law enforcement followed the van for more than an hour at low speeds. The chase ended at his California home where he was taken into custody.

On July 22, 1994, Simpson was formally arraigned entering a plea of not guilty. His trial began on January 24, 1995, Lance Ito was the judge. It was determined that his motive for killing his wife was their divorce. Simpson’s defense team relied highly on the fact that the evidence was mishandled and the police department had acted racist towards Simpson. The trial lasted more than eight months. Mark Furman, a detective, claimed that O.J was framed. A bloody leather glove was found at the Simpson home, the defense team argued that there was no possible way the glove could have been worn by Simpson as it was too small to fit his hand. With this information, the defense claimed O.J Simpson must have been framed for murder. 

O.J Simpson being an African American man, his belief in innocence or guilt was split down the middle. Many African Americans believed he was innocent and many white Americans believed he was guilty. 

 On October 3, O.J Simpson was found not guilty of both murders. Although he wasn’t found guilty of the murders of his ex wife and her close friend O.J Simpson was charged with something. O.J Simpson was charged with kidnapping and seven other felonies which had to do with an alleged armed robbery of sports merchandise. O.J was sentenced to a maximum of 33 years in prison.  O.J Simpson ended up spending nine years locked up in prison, and was released by parole in 2017. O.J Simpson did not end up spending life in jail for any murders but, he did get sued by the victim’s family for wrongful death. 

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