The Joro Spider

Trichonephila clavata, also referred to as the Joro spider, is a spider species that is native to places in Asia like Japan, China, Taiwan, and Korea. The Joro spider chooses these places as their home due to their love for humidity. The Joro spider is bright yellow and black and is about the size of an adult’s palm. The species does not have a specific predator, which allows this species to have an extremely large and unpredictable population. A bird or snake may eat this type of spider as a snack, but they don’t go after it as a first choice. For food, the Joro spider eats stink bugs, lantern flies, and all types of beetles. 

Asia was mentioned before as the native home of the Joro spiders species. However, in 2013, the species had been found in the state of Georgia, where it caused some trouble in the environment. Scientists believe that these spiders might have been carried to the United States through shipping containers and cargo.  

The invasive species are becoming a threat to native species in Georgia. As of now, the way the Joro spider is living has caused a total of $1.288 trillion in damages. 

The Joro spider is not only posing a threat to life in Georgia as it has started to work its way into other states. For example, the Joro spider has been found in Tennessee, and scientists are not sure how far the spider will move.  

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