Animals used in clothing

 Rabbits, Minks, Goats, foxes, crocodiles, alpacas, llamas, kangaroos, birds, dogs, and cats are all used to make a fashion statement. Billions of these animals suffer and die every year so that their skin and fur can be used to make some of the world’s most “luxurious” clothes. . Animals’ warm fur coats are shaved off of them to be turned into fashion, animals’ skin is ripped off of their bodies to be used for leather, and feathers are plucked off of birds bundles at a time. 85% of animals used to make accessories and clothing are raised in a cage on a farm deprived of high-quality life. 

Fur Farming is the practice of breeding animals for their fur. On fur farms animals are killed, beaten, skinned alive, starved, and forced to live in wire cages. When animals are killed, their fur can be preserved. Therefore, the animals on fur farms are killed using acid, electrocution, gassing, and injection of chemicals to avoid doing any damage to their fur/skin.

Alternatives to animal skin clothing are vegan wool, desert cactus leather, Pinatex, Corozo buttons, and orange fibers. 

Fur Farms

Vegan wool is a wool that involves no harm to sheep. The fabric is instead made from a plant called Colatrapis procera

Desert Cactus Leather involves the process of using cactus to make leather clothing, which is an effective way to replace killing cows for their skin.

Pinatex is also an effective replacement that’s made from the leaves of pineapples. It’s able to make a breathable clothing without harm to any animals.

Corozo buttons are made from a fruit called corozco that originates from South America. These fruits can be easily shaped into any kind of form, which is why it’s an effective replacement for the use of animal hooves and horns to make buttons.

Orange fibers are made from the popular orange fruit and it contains cellulose which can be formed to make a silk-like material.

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