Getting the COVID Vaccine While Pregnant Can Protect Your Baby

By: Tricia Desroches

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has just released the results of a new study that shows that when pregnant women get vaccinated, their baby gets protected too, even after the baby is born. Studies show that mothers that get two shots of either the Pfizer or Moderna vaccines during pregnancy had a 61% lower risk of their baby being hospitalized with COVID in the first six months of their life.

Since there is no COVID vaccine available to babies under six months of age, getting the vaccine while pregnant is very important. Whenever the mother gets the vaccine, the antibodies not only travel through her body but to the baby as well. The study shows that the number of antibodies given to the baby peaked during the second and third trimesters.

It is recommended that pregnant women do not waste any time on getting the COVID vaccine, because getting COVID while pregnant can be very risky. It can cause major health problems for both the mother and the baby and also cause mothers to give birth early and experience a stillbirth.

Getting the booster shot can add even more protection. If a mother got the COVID vaccine and booster shots while pregnant, the baby will have a much lower risk of being hospitalized as a newborn. Pregnant women should get the COVID vaccine and maybe booster shots to ensure the protection of their fetus. It isn’t guaranteed that a newborn baby won’t be hospitalized, but at least there is less of a chance.

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