The Blue Dragon

In the ocean current, if you look closely you may be able to spot a Blue Glaucus also known as the “blue dragon” or “blue angel”. The Blue Glaucus is an extraordinary animal, its build and looks are one of a kind. The blue dragon is a species of miniature sea slug, a shell-less mollusk. This unique creature floats upside down, following the stream of the ocean’s current. The Blue dragon uses the surface tension of the water to float carelessly across the water. The Blue angel is rarely found and is considered a mystic sight by most. They live in the Atlantic, Pacific, and Indian oceans. The blue dragon is typically only 3 centimeters in length and even though this animal is small, it doesn’t let its size define them. They are able to prey on larger stinging animals, like a Man o’ War jellyfish by using its sting. When the blue dragon eats its prey, it is able to concentrate its poison and use it.   

The blue dragon floating in the ocean

The rarely found Blue dragon species was easily found by 7-year-old boy Hunter Lane. Hunter Lane was able to find 4 Blue dragons in a matter of minutes while at the beach with his parents. The boy found these creatures on the coast of Padre Island National Seashore Texas May 2, and his father later said they had vacationed the same sea for over 30 years and had never seen a blue dragon before. Hunter Lane was not hurt by the creature, but you should keep your distance because they are able to sting. The blue dragon is able to use its stinging cells to sting worse than the commonly known Man o’ War. 

Multiple scientists have claimed to know of the species but have never seen it or heard about people seeing it. 

Recently, a clueless Tik toker posted themselves near the creature on the site. The Tik Toker joked about the creature being a pokemon. The person who posted the video was notified that the creature they had carelessly posted was more dangerous than they thought. People all over the world worried about their safety commented on the video explaining the deadly sting they almost were exposed to. Luckily, the Tik Toker was not hurt by the toxic slug. However, this is not the first time that an encounter with a blue dragon has been posted on TikTok. Multiple posts by other clueless Tiktokkers have been made in dangerous range of the creature, with some even holding the creature in their bare hands.

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