The Top 5 Ski Resorts in The Country 

  1. Ranked at #1 Vail, CO. Established in 1962, Vail is one of the most beautiful, and family friendly resorts in the U.S. Also having the largest ski resort in the state of Colorado. Most popular in the snowboarding department because of all the terrain parks, but also is a big fan of skiers of all levels. The Vail Mountain Ski Resort has 195 runs in total. Vail is not only good for the famous mountain but also for hiking, mountain biking, and just enjoying the landscape year round. Vail really incorporates their runs from beginner to very advanced black and double black diamond runs. “Riva Ridge” , one of Vails longest runs running at about 4 miles long is famous for being the longest offered. 
  2. West of Colorado stands Park City, Utah at #2. Recently combining two large resorts Park City has become one of the largest ski resorts in America, 7300 acres of skiing and fun. Conveniently the resort is 35 miles from Salt Lake City’s airport. The resort has held multiple Winter Olympics events since 2002. Going from Early December to Mid April late March depending on the year’s weather ranges. Utah’s snow is shown to be perfectly light and fluffy, the perfect powder! 
  3. #3 Aspen Colorado is home to the rich and famous… or at least a playground for them! With so many people owning houses in Aspen it has become the best place for winter destinations. Aspen is having a great Christmas celebration making the whole small town full of lights and trees everywhere. Located in the Rocky Mountains the resort is still expensive but worth the money put in. “Visiting is one thing; living there, however, is another story. Due to its popularity, Aspen has some of the most expensive real estate prices in the country and middle-class residents have had to move to other parts of Colorado because they cannot afford to stay there”( The resort also has a great small town feel. As seen in the famous Dumb and Dumber where Harry and Lloyd end up in Aspen!
  4. Up north a bit Jackson Hole Wyoming. “This valley located between the Teton Mountain and the Gros Ventre ranges, Jackson Hole is one of the most iconic places to go skiing or snowboarding in North America. The place is named after the historically significant valley and it offers some of the steepest and most challenging slopes in the country.However, if you’re starting out as a skier, don’t let Jackson Hole’s fame keep you from visiting this iconic place. There are dozens of open trails for beginner and intermediate skiers, or those just looking for a picture perfect destination to spend this winter” 
  5. Last but not least #5 Telluride Colorado. Co having so many amazing resorts the ranking could just keep going! Telluride is more laid back and at ease 50% of the slopes are good for beginners and middle goer less advanced and risk taking skiers. The location has ranked it in its great spot.

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