NFL Super Bowl Preview

The biggest game of the year is only a few days away and not only all of America can’t wait but around the world. The Cincinnati Bengals will be representing the AFC and the Los Angeles Rams will be representing the NFC. These two teams have been on a tear the past few weeks. The Bengals have been in tight games throughout the whole playoffs with all games coming down to the last play, the Bengals defense kept all of those games within reach only allowing 19 points in the second half of all their playoff games combined. The Bengals are going to be facing one of the top defenses in the league. This game could go either way turning out to be a shoot out or a defensive slug fest like how we saw in Super Bowl 53 when the Rams last made it to the big game and lost 13-3. The Rams are now heading into the Super Bowl with veterans on all sides of the ball that are even older than their head coach like their forty year old left tackle Andrew Whitworth who spent 13 seasons with the Bengals. Players like him are gonna have to play a big role in the game as he has to protect his quarterback Matthew Stafford from defensive end Trey Hendrickson who had 14 sacks on the season and 2.5 in this postseason. While the Rams defense has been getting all the attention since they have to deal with that high powered Bengals offense who has Joe Burrow, Jamarr Chase, and other weapons that can be dangerous. The Rams defense is nothing to look over however as we’ve seen them stop high powered offenses before such as the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Arizona Cardinals which were both playoff teams that the Rams beat on their way to the Super Bowl. This game is looking like it’s going to be a good one, the Rams are a -3.5 point favorite against the Bengals.

Rob Carr/Getty Images

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