Top 5 Most Useful Skills to Learn in Life

By: Sophia Powell

There are billions of people that live on Earth. Children are born every hour, as more and more people come into this world the more our opportunities start to run out since there are others that could take your place. So you should consider broadening your skillset. There are so many different skills that you could try but it only takes about an hour to start learning.

  1. Public Speaking – Public speaking is by far one of the most important skills someone should learn in life. From speaking in front of your peers in school to possibly speaking to the world as the president, public speaking is used throughout your whole life. Especially in most jobs because in the restaurant industry you have to be able to speak to random people the same in other jobs like if you’re working with a team you have to be able to talk to your team and present powerpoints.
  2. Listening – Listening is equally important to public speaking, maybe even more important. If you couldn’t listen then how would you know what to say? While many people think listening is an easy skill it’s possible they’re hearing you but maybe not actually listening. To be a leader in any kind of situation you have to listen to your team and make decisions based on what you’ve heard. 
  3. Time Management – Time management is a skill that most people still havent learned. Besides speaking and listening I think that this is definitely the most important skill a person can learn. Time management isn’t just showing up on time to place deadlines for work or tasks. The need for time management doesn’t end after you finish school either, you still have to pay your bills every month on time, and in most jobs, people have new work deadlines every week or even every day!
  4. Financial Management – Let’s talk about money. If you don’t properly manage your money, then you’ll run out and won’t have enough to spend on what you actually need to spend it on like bills, food, gas, etc. Proper financial management is a skill everybody in the world needs. I suggest using the 50/30/20 budgeting rule in which you use 50% of your money for your needs, 30% for stuff that you want, and 20% for savings or paying off debt. 

5. Critical Thinking – Most people learn critical thinking in school because it definitely plays a big role in day-to-day problem-solving. Most jobs today require people to critically think, they want you to think out of the box and plan the outcome of everything so that you don’t run into any surprises. Critical thinking can also help you better understand yourself, and help you focus more on positivity, and cancel out any negativity in your life.

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