Florida’s bad weather

By: Summer Livengood

   These past few weeks have had harsh winds, winds up to 30 mph. Due to the storms that are coming this way off the coast. The winds and the cold front making water spouts and causing Florida to have a wide tornado warning. The warning going on will be that the storms will blow through. The officers of the Florida keys made sure everything was locked down and safe. There were two waterspouts ,spotted off the coast, but no tornadoes were spotted in the keys. The harsh winds knocked trees down and blew trash everywhere.

     There have been beach cleanups, and tree companies have been picking up the broken trees and grounding them up into mulch. There have been more warnings recently but just for harsh storms that could lead to tornado warnings. Due to cold fronts, the heat is rising and  making heat pockets in the atmosphere, causing great storms and heat lightning. In Key West High School (KWHS), power went out due to heat lightning hitting the power blocks. The chances of getting tornados are very low though and we are most likely going to get water spouts. Water spouts are like tornados that are mostly made of water that don’t last long on land.      

   While tornados can start over water they usually don’t last unless there are winds of higher than forty and good temperatures. For people who were watching the storm, they would have noticed that there was a very large cumulus cloud that was holding all the heat and rain. The warnings were not counted until the storm started and could not have seen this unexpected storm to come. There were no injuries reported or any really bad home destruction. 

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