Fuller house dad, Bob Saget dies

By: Summer Livengood

Bob Saget was born May 17, 1956 in Philadelphia, and he was found dead in Orlando Florida on January 9, 2022. Bob Saget, American actor, comedian, father, and husband dies at 65. Bob leaving behind a beautiful wife and kids. Bob was a top actor playing in a full and fuller house. Also hosting multiple comedy shows and making everyone laugh. From 1987 to 1995 he played the father of DJ, Stephine, and little michel. Being a top actor and comedian he had a networth of 50 million dollars. Witch was left to his family and some donated to charities. He =]growed up being the nerdy class clown in highschool. When he made people laugh it made him happy. He then joined the theatre class, and found a talent for acting. Playing in small shows and always having the funniest lines. 

His first role was Danny Tanner in Fuller house. Before the show ended due to some rumors of his behavior, and drug abuse. None were proven to be true but they did end the show. Before making a sequel fuller house having guest appearances. He wasn’t casted for a while before going back to comedy. He then hosted the show America’s funniest videos. Doing comedy gigs. He was in Orlando for a late night comedy show, people saying it was one of the funniest shows he’s ever done. 

His family hosted a funeral for him. People leave memorials and paintings, to honor him and show their love. Sending gifts to the family and showing their compassion. Saying he will be remembered forever.

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