Best restaurants in Key West  

           By: Sophia Powell 

Many tourists visit Key West every year and most tourists visit our restaurants wanting to try some of our local seafood like Conch Fritters, Lobster, Pink Shrimp, Hogfish, and Stone Crab. These are some of the best restaurants in Key West according to

  1. Blue Heaven – One of the best places to eat in Key West, they’re open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Some of their most popular dishes include Richard’s very good pancakes with pineapple, the Caribbean BBQ shrimp sandwich, and fresh snapper with the yellow submarine sandwich. While dining you can enjoy the beautiful scenery, while also being able to seesee chicken and cats roaming around.
  2. Latitudes – Considered one of the ‘classiest’ restaurants in Key West. To get to Latitudes you need to take a ferry (which is free) from downtown Key West to  Sunset Key. The most popular dishes to order are the lobster benedict, the surf , and turf burger, and the Key West pink shrimp carbonara. Latitudes has the very beautiful scenery with water surrounding it and is a breathtaking place to watch sunsets. 
  3. Bagatelle – By far the best place for brunch,, some of the best meals for brunch are crab cake benedict, crispy fried french toast, or a braised pork sandwich with pineapple slaw. Bagatelle even serves brunch hangover drinks like Kim’s watermelon breeze, Duval Paloma, or Tennessee peach lemonade. Although Bagatelle is known for their brunch they still serve the usual breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
  4. El Siboney – El Siboney serves your typical seafood dish with a Latin-American inspired authentic twist. Some of their most popular dishes are the Cuban mix, roast pork with yucca and a tamale, and albondigas. This is one of the best Cuban restaurants to eat in Key West. With two different locations, both locations are very quiet and peaceful.

5. Hot Tin Roof – Right next to the water at Key West Harbor providing beautiful views. Hot Tin Roof serves a variety of food types, such as Floridian, Caribbean, and Latin American-inspired dishes. Some of their most popular dishes being eggs benedict with crab cakes and key lime sauce, grilled churrasco with tostones, seared local grouper with coconut curry, and the Key West famous key lime pie.

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