Astro world disaster

The lives of many were forever changed on November 6th.  The families of 8 people, as young as 14 years old are grieving right now because they attended a concert.  The 2021 Astroworld  Festival, held in Houston on November 5th and 6th was an oversized event, with over 50,000 attendees.  The main performer was Travis Scott, but others such as Drake, Bad Bunny, Young Thug, Lil Baby, 21 Savage and Earth Wind and Fire also took the stage during those two days.  
In addition to the eight people who were trampled, there were 300 injured. One of those 300 is a 9 year old boy named Ezra Blount.  He was at the concert with his father.   Basically, when the gates opened, people of all ages raced to get close.  Travis Scott was the main headliner, and when he got on stage, thousands stormed the front.  This is when the chaos began.  People could not breathe.  Others were in cardiac arrest.  Also, there were rumors of drug use, but nothing confirmed. 
On Instagram, Travis Scott  apologized to his fans and offered his condolences to the families who lost their loved ones.   He said he would  pay for the family’s burials, but many argue that is not enough.  Hours after the tragedy occurred,  several lawsuits were filed against Travis Scott and other performers at Astroworld.  Supposedly, Travis Scott was warned by police about the limits of the amount of people who could  attend.  Also, after the first victim died, Travis Scott kept playing for 37 minutes.  
Astroworld 2021 Festival is now considered the deadliest concert in recent  history.  The second deadliest took place in Denmark in June 2000.  Pearl Jam was playing there.  The third deadliest took place in 1979 in Cincinnati River Front.  There were 11 who died then. 
Concert goers are still being interviewed and more information will come. 

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