College Football Playoff Teams Announced

After an unpredictable and exciting season of College Football, it all comes down to four teams who will face off to see who wins College Football’s biggest prize. Here is a look at the four teams who will throw down and face off in a few weeks’ time.

        The number four seed coming into the Playoffs is the only undefeated team left in College Football being Cincinnati. Cincinnati is an interesting case as they are a group of 5 teams not being in the five major conferences of College Football. This is the first time in the Playoff’s existence one of these teams has made it, making it quite a controversial topic among fans across the nation. But, with a big win over number six ranked Notre Dame, SMU, Houston and an array of future NFL draft picks on the roster. The committee of the playoffs made the decision to let them in and now in a few weeks, we will see if the glass slipper fits in this Cinderella story and they can make a run for the championship. However, they face the juggernaut of the College Football world in number one ranked Alabama. While not being the prototypical domination by Alabama things held all together and they finished 11-1 only dropping a loss in a shootout to Texas A&M. After beating the dominant and at the time undefeated Georgia in the SEC Championship game. Alabama is looked at as the favorite coming into the Playoffs, the question that lies for them is can they live up to this standard and bring a second national title in a row for the Crimson Tide? 

          The third seed Georgia is looking for vengeance after a brutal loss to Alabama in the SEC Championship game in which their number one defense in the country was dismantled by Bryce Young and the Alabama offense. Georgia’s main storyline and driving point of their team was their lockdown defense which is one of the best we have seen in decades. However, the fear of many is that defense has now been exposed and with an average offense in some eyes, they may be in trouble. Georgia has something to prove coming into the playoff and after years upon years of gut-wrenching losses in important games, they hope to not fall victim to that once again. The team they face is Michigan who at the moment is the exact opposite of Georgia. Riding high with confidence and seeming to have found the key to their offense putting up big performances in their last two games. After a massive win against rival Ohio State and Iowa in the Big Ten championship game where their run game showcased elite ability, Michigan seems to have found their identity as a football team. Now they must focus on their toughest competition yet being Georgia and put themselves in a position to win their first national title since 1997.

           With great storylines and games on tap for New Years Eve, it’s a storybook way to end the season. Now, it all comes down to four quarters of football, for the four teams bidding for the title they all dream to achieve.

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