1st Movie Filmed in Space

 I have seen a lot of movies in my lifetime, but one that was filmed in space? That is definitely not on my list. Three Russian filmmakers Yulia Peresild, a russian actress with the lead role, Klim Shipenko, producer/director, and Oleg Novitskiy, a cosmonaut. They blasted off into space on October 5, 2021 in a russian spacecraft known as Soyuz MS-18. They will depart into space for a total of twelve days and will be filming a full-length movie called ‘The Challenger’. After blast-off the Russian team headed to the International Space Station where most of the scenes were filmed. Although we don’t know the exact plot of the movie, we do know that Peresild’s character is operating on a sick cosmonaut whose medical condition make him  untreatable, on Earth. While aboard the Soyuz MS-18 there were some errors. On Friday the 8th the spacecraft experienced some unexpected tilting after a glitch in the thrusters which paused filming. This caused a loss in positioning control for about a half an hour. Another systematic error that the team encountered was on October 5th, the launch date, the Soyuz faced an automatic docking system failure. To fix this the commander had to switch to manual control. Shortly after returning from space Peresild and Shipenko are going to be taken to a rehab facility for 10 days on Russia’s Star City training base, this is because they need to readjust to being on Earth after spending twelve days in space. As we all know there is a space race going on. Last year Elon Musk announced he was planning on taking Tom Cruise to space to star in the first full-length movie filmed in space, Russia has recently beaten them to the title. Russia not only claimed the title of making the first full-length movie in space but Peresild also received the title of the first woman to ever go to space and star in a movie.

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