Animal Testing

Every time you use hand lotion or apply makeup, think about how they’re made. Not the ingredients themselves, but how they made sure it was safe. Animals are tested on thousands of products such as makeup, lotion, perfumes, sunscreen, eyeliner, shampoo, and even contact lenses.

Stock, animal research, cosmetics testing, rabbit, laboratory Experimental white rabbits in the acrylic restraint box for testing drug safety and toxicity

Mice, frogs, rats, bunnies, dogs, monkeys, fish, birds, and many more animals are placed into laboratories and tested on.

When these animals are taken captive, they are forced into breathing dangerous chemicals and eating different products. They may also be stuck with needles injecting chemicals into their body or get product rubbed onto their skin. One other way to test a product on an animal is to drip chemicals in their eyes. The animals are made blind and shaved just for a lipstick or two. Then, the labs observe the after effects of the product, and decide if it is safe for a human. Almost every test done on an animal results in a suffering death. 110 million animals are killed in laboratories every year.

Animal testing is way outdated, and there are so many ways to test products without hurting innocent creatures, yet there are still products jeapordizing a animals life for a makeup pallet, and that needs to stop. It’s bad for the environment and doesn’t do any good.

  Animal testing is unessasary bececause there are a couple alternatives. One alternative is using human volunteers to test products, the second alternative is computer modeling, and a third alternative is to use human cells and tissue. Using these methods, we can create an animal safe way to test products and make sure they are safe. Animal testing can be replaced, so lets do it. 

Does animal testing even work? Some scientsits claim that animal testing is outdated and will not correctly represent how humans will react to a product.

To help stop animal testing, use animal friendly products and stop purchasing products tested on animals. Spread the word to others, and educate more people on what is happening in these labs. Make a donation to charity for animal friendly products only. Sign a petition for banning animal testing.

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