The Bees

Did you know that there are 2 trillion bees scattered around the world? That may seem like too many but 1,000 bees die in just a day and that number is increasing rapidly. Bees have many threats that are causing them to die out. Even though bees are not endangered as of now they are predicted to go extinct soon. The lifespan of a bee is around 30 days hardly any time on its own. A bee only has 30 day to live and with all the threats they face they can hardly even live a day alone.

Bees pollinate flowers allowing them to produce more seed and keeping the agriculture alive.

One of the main threats of bees are cold and long winters. Over the winter a hive will lose almost 40 percent of there colony. Bees need humidity to live so when winter comes around it can cause loads of bees to be killed. Another threat of bees are pesticides, for example, when you spray your yard with weed killer or spray at a bug with bug spray. When you do these things they may not seem so bad but the air is actually being polluted. When the air is polluted the bees die. The next threat is habitat loss, as roads are built over crops and houses are placed over vegetation the bees are losing there food and nesting sites that they need to live. The next threat bees are faced against is diseases and parasites. Varroa Mites are a parasite that feeds on bees blood, Varroa Mites are mostly hurting bees in the summer. Nosema is also a parasite it disrupts the bees digestive system, Nosema mostly attacks in the winter. The other main threat to bees is bad beekeeping practices. Some beekeepers help nurture bees and keep them safe. The right beekeeping techniques help bees to live a long life. But if not done properly beekeeping can do the opposite. Some beekeepers can cause distress to bees if not cared for right. Causing bees to die.

Bees are important and without them humans wouldn’t be able to survive. If bees went extinct, humans wouldn’t be able to live for more than 4 years. Bees are known for their role in pollination and producing honey. By pollinating gardens and crops they provide nearly one third of the food we eat. Bees contribute to the agriculture which the whole world needs.

How can you help save the bees? There are a couple ways you can help keep the bee population thriving. One way is to plant a bee garden by planting flowers and herbs bees will be happy and healthy. Another way is to control the pesticide you use, pesticides are one of the main ways bees are killed by reducing weed killer and bug spray use you can save the bees. The final way to protect bees is to spread the word. We need more than one person to save all the bees. Tell your friends and family the bees need help.

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