Daft Punk Retires After 28 Years

 Daft Punk, one of the most iconic music groups of all time especially for dance and electronic, after 28 years has split up and retired from music. Whether you know them from their iconic Silver and Gold masks which keep their identity hidden from the public or for their fantastic music, it can be agreed that it is a sad day for the music industry.

         Their start in music began in 1993 where they began to create music which was very underground at the time and not known by many people. However their unique style hooked listeners very quickly and in 1997 their first studio album Homework was released, the name Homework was picked because they made these songs at home which is incredible due to the quality of the music. Homework put Daft Punk on the map and hit songs such as Da Funk and one of their most popular songs to date Around the World, a repetitive but catchy song, was what solidified themselves as quality music makers. In this same year they had their Alive 1997 tour, the name Alive was named after the final track on the Homework album giving that song some extra notoriety along with it. After a few years of no music, Daft Punk came back and put out arguably their best album to date Discovery. Songs like One More Time, Digital Love, and Harder Better Faster Stronger are all some of their most appreciated and popular songs with futuristic sounds and catchy hooks. Harder Better Faster Stronger was also used by Kayne West on his track Stronger released in 2007 on his hit album Graduation. The album also had a movie released alongside it called Interstella 555 which showed the story of the album without using any actual dialogue. The songs were what told the story and everything connected very well which shows how impressive Daft Punk really is as they told a whole story without almost any words in their music.

           With Discovery being an album that was appreciated and loved by many their third album had heavy expectations. After another long wait,in 2005 Human After All was released to the public. This was their most controversial release with odd music videos in Technologic and even more so in The Prime Time of Your Life which is easily one of the most disturbing music videos I’ve ever seen and was taken down by Daft Punk after the public reception. Even with the new ideas and heavier rock and roll influence, the album still did well along with the two hit songs off of it, Robot Rock and Technologic. Just like the last album Daft Punk released a movie after it, this one being called Electroma. Unlike the last movie it isn’t as well known, is not animated and contains actual people and is very eerie. Then the longest wait for a Daft Punk album as it would take 8 years for their next release. However, they did do the soundtrack for Tron:Legacy which was very well received by the public and was a big moment for the group to work with Disney. But in 2013 Daft Punk’s fourth and final album was released as Random Access Memories was released. The hype was through the roof for this album and to say the least expectations were met for most fans and critics. With a pop influence from Pharell Williams with help making songs and some of the production on the album. Williams would be a main part of two of some of the most popular songs on the album being Lose Yourself To Dance and Daft Punk’s most popular track and first Billboard Hot 100 hit Get Lucky which gave Daft Punk the most mainstream attention they have ever had. Songs like Instant Crush and the final song Daft Punk created Doin’ it Right were also quite popular and loved. The album ended off on a perfect note it felt like with Contact and felt like the perfect send off for the group that influenced and helped so many.

             Daft Punk may not have the large discography or vocals like other groups and artists, but their influence and creativity may not be matched by another artist ever again. So a farewell to Daft Punk who’s music will forever be remembered and listened to for generations to come!

Long Live Daft Punk's Music Videos | Pitchfork
Photo Provided By:Pitchfork.com

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