NFL Super Wild Card Weekend

The first NFL Super Wild Card Weekend happened on Saturday and Sunday and to say the least it was quite the success with 12 teams in 6 action packed games with many great moments and stories.

            The first game was the  Buffalo Bills versus the Indianapolis Colts and it was a close game that came down to the wire with the Philip Rivers led Colts driving down field with less than a minute to go in the game. However their drive stalled out around the 50 yard line and with a failed last second hail mary the Bills would survive winning 27-24 their first playoff win in over 20 years. The star of the game had to be Stefon Diggs with 6 catches for 128 yards and 1 touchdown being the one that put the Bills outfront. It was also Josh Allen’s first ever playoff win and he had an impressive game with 324 yards passing and 3 touchdowns with one being a rushing touchdown. The Los Angeles Rams then faced the Seattle Seahawks in what was arguably one of the best matchups of the weekend. However the Rams were unfazed as underdogs coming into the game and easily took down the Seahawks forcing Quarterback Russell Wilson to one of his worst games of the season only completing 11 of his 27 passes and throwing a vital interception that would be taken for a touchdown. The big story of the day however was the Rams John Wolfords injury as he was hit early in the game in the neck and left the field on an ambulance. This led Jared Goff to come into the game for him even though he was not expected to play with a thumb injury, but he pushed through it and was able to hang on and defeat the Seahawks soundly 30-20.

              The final game of Saturday night was the Tampa Bay Buccaneers facing the Washington Football Team. This was a game that was not supposed to be close but backup quarterback Taylor Heinicke for the Football Team had a shocking performance throwing 306 yards for 1 touchdown passing and a touchdown rushing. But even with his breakout game that has all eyes on him now Tom Brady the arguable GOAT (Greatest of All Time) held on and the Buccaneers took home the win 31-23. Sunday then rolled around and the first game was the Baltimore Ravens versus the Tennessee Titans, a rematch essentially of last year’s wild card game in which the Titans won. This game last year made Lamar Jackson get mass criticism for his bad performance but this only seemed to fuel him as Jackson would help his Ravens prevail with his most notable play being a 48 yard touchdown run. He ended the game being the only player to ever rush for over a 100 yards at quarterback in a playoff game twice, an impressive feat. The Ravens were able to stop Derrick Henry on defense somehow as he only rushed for 40 yards on 18 attempts which seemed nearly impossible coming into the game. The game ended on an interception by Marcus Peters and Lamar Jackson finally got his first playoff win in his 3rd playoff game. 

               The next game was the Chicago Bears who faced the New Orleans Saints, it was another one of those games that was expected to be a relatively easy win for the Saints and this one was exactly that. The Bears offense could never get going with plenty of mistakes and an overall lackluster performance on that side of the ball while the defense could only stop the Saints so many times. The real story of this game however is the broadcast which for the first time ever was on kids network Nickelodeon which had a broadcast essentially made to help the younger audience tune in and learn the game of football. All the kids were able to watch a good game and the Saints cruised to a 21-9 win. The final game of the weekend was the Cleveland Browns versus the Pittsburgh Steelers. This game was the most hyped up all week as it is a rivalry game with trash talk on both sides all week before the game. The game though was high scoring for both squads but the Browns always had control especially after a 28-0 start in the 20 minutes of the game. This was a massive moment for the Browns as they have gone through an array of Quarterbacks, coaches, and all sorts of players for over 20 years of endless disappointment. The whole team seemed to let those 20 years of frustration all out in this game  with stellar performances on the ground with 2 touchdowns for Kareem Hunt and Baker Mayfield throwing for 3 touchdown passes. The Steelers on the other hand dealt with turnover problems all game and a seemingly non existent defense as Ben Rothlinsberger in his final game threw 4 interceptions and the Steelers defense let up 48 points. The Browns would get their first playoff win since 1994 winning 48-37 capping off an intense Super Wild Card Weekend.

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