COVID-19 Pfizer Vaccine

As COVID-19’s second wave seems to be picking up, vaccines also seem to be becoming more of a possibility then ever before. This comes as many businesses are trying their hardest to get an effective vaccine to bring in the most income. This company turns out to be Pfizer,  as their vaccine is already being given out to people

        The first vaccines were given out to some of the elderly in the United Kingdom which had a very positive reception by the group. This included one of the ladies saying “It was the best thing to ever happen to them.” and I don’t blame her for saying this as it could possibly be lifesaving if it is as effective as we hope it will be. Pfizer has said that in their tests it was around 90% effective which that number very well may have changed by now as more tests have been conducted to try and perfect it. On December 15th, the United States had the first vaccines given out in what has essentially been the COVID-19 hotspot of the world. 

         So with the vaccine seemingly on the way,  this hard time in the world may finally come to a close depending on its success. Now, we’ll just have to wait to see when the public will be able to fully get the vaccine and the effectiveness of it when it comes out to the world.

Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) | CDC Online Newsroom | CDC

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