Marie Willy: The New Reigning Queen

On November 6th at the Tommy Roberts Memorial Stadium, the wait was finally over to announce the 2020 Homecoming Queen, Marie Willy, President of the Class of 2021 Executive Board, Secretary of Student Council, and the Captain of the Girls Varsity Soccer team. Escorting her for this special event was Nicolas Concepcion, also a senior at Key West High School (KWHS). 

(L-R) Marie Willy and Nicolas Concepcion accepting their titles as Homecoming Queen and the winning escort at Poinciana Elementary School. Photo Provided by Marie Willy’s Instagram (@mariewilly_)

Adding on to her superb resume, she is a member of Zonta Club, Beta Club, Conch Student Athletic Leadership Team, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Art for the World, Peer Mentoring, and the National Honor Society (NHS). 

Willy appreciated her classmates choosing her as this year’s queen, since it showed her that she is the great role model and figure of Conch Pride that she works so hard to be. Once her name was called on the football stadium’s speakers, she felt an overwhelming sense of excitement. “I am so honored to say that my peers saw me as a great representation of our school,” said Willy. 

Each lady on the Homecoming Court had a trait that was queen worthy, but Willy’s trait, altruism, was emphasized the most. Altruism is the belief in or practice of disinterested and selfless concern for the well-being of others, and as stated before, Willy is in a variety of community service clubs and uses her free time to give back to the community. 

(L-R) Marie Willy, Blondine Conserve, Julia Niles, Ryan Star Gage, and Heaven Rodriguez accepting their title as the ladies of the 2020 Homecoming Court at KWHS. Photo Provided by the KWHS Class of 2021 Instagram (@kwhs2021_)

Although she won a very respected honor, there was no strategy behind the achievement. “…it was left to the student body to decide who was most deserving out of the five candidates,” explained Willy. 

Ever since Willy’s freshman year, she has been fascinated by this distinguished KWHS tradition. During her underclassmen years, she thought it was very invigorating to only vote for one queen, since all five of the nominees deserved to be it. 

Looking at the fashion aspect, Willy wanted to dress up, wearing the elegant parade dresses and of course the famous white gown, hence the name “Lady in White.” She never dresses up and puts on makeup, so this was a remarkable experience for her. 

Marie Willy getting ready at KWHS on November 2nd to be a part of the 2020 Homecoming Parade. Photo Provided by Marie Willy

Willy came out as the queen, but every lady on the court was nominated by their peers to be the “Lady in White,” which is a great enough award. Even though they may not have been the queen, they still represented the school with the greatest honor of all, Conch Pride. 

To top it off, Willy thanked the people for making her dream become a reality, such as the student body for voting for her, the Homecoming Committee: Mrs. Saunders, Mrs. Pam, and Mrs. Yvette, her escort Nicolas Concepcion, Mrs. Moore, her parents, and Laila Jones. 

Once a KWHS Queen, always a KWHS Queen. Willy will always have this title with her for the rest of her life, remembering the memories and hard work that made this happen. Maybe one day you will experience this too.

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