KWHS Class of 2020 Senior Superlatives

Every year, Key West High School (KWHS) seniors prepare to move on to the next step of their lives with many activities. One of the most traditional of these activities is the Senior Superlatives. The class of 2020 voted for who they believe deserved the most recognition. 

Best All Around

One superlative definitely stands out among the rest: “Best All Around.” The students who earn this superlative are revered as the best at everything that they do, and they do a lot. This year, the Class of 2020 has recognized the “Best All Around” winners as Hunter Oropeza and Gracie Wood.

These students have done a lot to deserve this recognition. Hunter Oropeza was involved in 22 clubs, organizations, programs, and teams over his four years at KWHS. A few of these include the KWHS band, where he was a Drum Major his junior year and Band Captain his senior year, the Varsity Swim team, where he was the captain his senior year, and National Honor Society, where he was Vice President for his senior year. Gracie Wood also has an extensive resume, including volleyball, soccer, and softball, all of which she was a part of for her four years at KWHS and became captain during her senior year. She was also a part of the Student Council, which she was elected president her senior year; Executive Board, where she was Vice President; Beta Club, where she was secretary; and many more. Both Oropeza and Wood agree that participation is vital to success as a person. “I think it is so important to give back to the community and my participation in all these activities allows me to spread positivity and kindness in all aspects of my life,” said Wood.

After high school, Oropeza plans to attend the University of Florida and will be double majoring in music performance and business administration. Wood will also be attending The University of Florida majoring in biology with the hope of continuing her studies for another six years, after which she will receive a dental degree and residency that will allow her to become an Orthodontist. As Wood puts it, she wants “to have a positive impact on people’s lives. By building up confidence in my patients’ smiles, I can help them feel secure in the people they are.” She also plans to give some of her money made to charities that help preserve endangered species.

While neither Oropeza nor Wood were expecting to be awarded this superlative, they both feel that they do fit the description. “I believe the superlative fits me as a person because no matter where you may be in our community, there is not one specific place or clique that I belong to… I always give whatever I am doing my all.” said Oropeza. He believes that he received this superlative because he gives his all in every club and organization that he takes part in throughout his school and community. Wood feels very similar, “I always try to be the best person I can be and push myself every day.”  She is very thankful that she received this award as she believes she has worked very hard for her school, community, sports, and academics.

On top of being the “Best All Around,” Wood and Oropeza also embody Conch Pride. For Oropeza, Conch Pride has been an ever-present ideal that has affected his entire life. “Growing up here in Key West, Conch Pride has implied ideologies of service to my community and my peers… It has given me a sense of pride that is unique to our community and will now continue for the rest of my life,” he explained. Wood sees Conch Pride as a force that connects everyone that it touches. She said, “It means that you are a part of something bigger than yourselves and to represent yourself at a higher standard. It means to be a part of the community that you built by giving back and improving it in any way possible.” This Conch Pride has encouraged both Wood and Oropeza to excel in everything that they do and give back to their community.

Hardest Worker

It takes a lot of time and dedication to receive the “Hardest Worker” superlative.  For the 2020 school year, Jazlyn Yarbrough and John Jackel had more than enough on their resumes to be recognized for this title. 

“Being recognized for all of my hard work is truly an honor and reminds me that even if you think no one is paying attention, they are,” Yarbrough explained. Yarbrough believes that giving your all with everything you do is very important. She has been prioritizing school and education since she was in elementary school. Not only does she work hard in school, but one of her main goals is to also help the community she loves. 

Throughout her four years at Key West High School, she has been involved in many different things such as Zonta, Beta, National Honor Society, Student Council, and Peer Mentoring. Not only was she a part of those clubs but she held numerous leadership positions as well, serving as the class president her junior and senior year for executive board, secretary for Mu Alpha Theta, and Vice President of Students Working Against Tobacco. While helping her community, she has collected over 1,250 community service hours. 

All of this hard work and dedication paid off, as she is headed to her dream school, the University of Florida. She plans on majoring in Biology on the Pre-Dental Track. One day, she hopes to open her own dental practice. “I look forward to continuing my hard work, dedication, and education at my new campus. Go Gators,” Yarbrough excitingly exclaimed.

The other recipient of this superlative was John Jackel, who was surprised because he realized people really do pay attention and that all of his hard work has paid off. “There is never a time where I’m not doing something and I am constantly pushing my boundaries,” he stated.

During his time at KWHS, Jackel has been involved in many clubs, such as Mu Alpha Theta, National Honor Society, and Academic Challenge. He was an active member in the marching and concert band, having the position of Special Effects Quartermaster. Along with collecting community service hours for tutoring kids and beach clean-ups, he created his own business where he babysat kids and walked dogs. 

Jackel will also be attending The University of Florida for his college education. There, he will be majoring in biology. He then plans to join the military after his undergrad so he can work on dental school while serving his country. 

Most Likely to Succeed

Throughout Key West High School, many students work extremely hard to gain success in their academics and extracurriculars. Each year, the senior class decides on two students who go above and beyond in this aspect. They are considered the ‘Most Likely to Succeed.’ The students awarded this title for the Class of 2020 are Jett Valle and Divya Navani. 

In his time at KWHS, Valle has been involved in many activities. In athletics he participated in wrestling his freshmen and sophomore year, and track and swim all four years. He was designated captain of the swim team his senior year. He was also a member of Beta Club and started the Aviation Club at KWHS. As far as volunteering, Valle helped at the Willy Wonka Chocolate Festival for five years and in the summer of 2019, he went on a medical mission trip to Peru.

Navani is also a very involved student. She was involved in band and has competed with the TV Pro Competition Team since her freshman year. Navani was president of the National Honor Society her senior year, CEO of Keys to be the Change, and a member of Beta Club. “I love participating in these organizations because they really promote collaborating with others to be creative and make art, as well as to give back to the community.” said Navani.

After high school, Valle plans to attend Embry Riddle Aeronautical University where he will be majoring in Aerospace Engineering. During this time, he plans to join the Air Force ROTC, and hopes to become an Air Force fighter pilot. Later on, he would like to gain a PhD in aerospace engineering and work for companies such as Boeing and Lockheed Martin.

Navani has been accepted to the prestigious Harvard University. She plans to earn a degree in Data Science, and then attend law school. Her goal is to lead a record label or major music company so that she can cultivate the next generation of great musicians.

Both Valle and Navani felt pride in receiving such a positive title from their peers. “I was very honored to receive this superlative because it meant that people were recognizing my ambition and hard-working mentality.” Said Valle. “I follow the mantra taught to me by the Air Force which is work as hard as you can and never give up, that’s the attitude.”

“I am entirely grateful to my class for choosing me.” said Navani. “To me, the most successful people are the ones who are always learning, growing, practicing, improving, and coming out stronger no matter what obstacles they face. By those standards, I would say the Class of 2020 is one of the most successful classes there is. To be a small part of that means the world to me and I hope I make them as proud of me as I am to have been a part of this class.”

At KWHS, Conch Pride is an important virtue for all students. Valle and Navani show Conch Pride in many ways. “I display Conch Pride by living by the mantra of work as hard as you can and never giving up, which represents the D for dedication in P.R.I.D.E. ” said Valle

“One of my favorite things about living in Key West is that no matter where you look, you can see Conch Pride.” said Navani. “I see Conch Pride every weekend at the athletic or club events, every quarter at the Pep Rallies or at band and choir concerts, and every day when I walk into school in a sea of crimson and gray. I am proud to wear those colors. I am proud to cheer my heart out at every touchdown or basket or home run. I am proud to give a standing ovation to every solo and every song. I am so proud to be a Conch, and although I’ll be leaving home in just a few months, I’ll be sure to take my Conch Pride with me.”

Most School Spirit

The “Most School Spirit” superlative is awarded to two students who demonstrate Conch Pride wherever they go. Those two students are Erica Gaertner and Jordan Parks. Gaertner and Parks are seen at every sporting event supporting their peers and the loudest at every pep rally.

Erica Gaertner was not expecting to receive a superlative at all, she was very shocked but knew that it fit her perfectly. She explains, “I am always the loudest and most excited during all school events, I love to cheer on my classmates and my school.” Not only does she show Conch Pride during school, but outside of school as well.

Gaertner is always cheering people on whether it is in sports or academically. She always wants to see people succeed and win in life. Gaertner is very involved at KWHS. She is a part of Zonta Club and a member of her senior class executive board. She also played softball and was a varsity cheerleader. Her senior year she was captain of the basketball cheer team. 

After graduation Gaertner plans to attend The College of the Florida Keys majoring in nursing. She hopes to become a labor and delivery nurse in the future.

Jordan Parks was not expecting to receive a superlative but when he heard the news he was very excited and honored. “I think this superlative fits me because I’m always out there cheering on my friends, I love sports and supporting my peers,” Parks said. Parks has been very involved at the school and has shown his Conch Pride by playing on the varsity baseball team. 

After high school Parks will be attending Lynn University in Boca Raton. He plans to play baseball there while majoring in sports management with a minor in finance.

Conch Pride means a lot to Jordan Parks and he will carry this spirit with him for the rest of his life.

Most Athletic

When choosing Senior Superlatives, many categories come to mind. However, one of the most well known is the “Most Athletic”.  At Key West High School in 2020, Patrick Barnett and Samantha Lopez are the most athletic.

Samantha Lopez was on the varsity cheer and softball team at the high school. Specifically, she was captain of both the sideline and competitive cheer team. “I definitely think my superlative fits me as a person because if anyone knows me they know that sports make up a big part of my life,” Lopez stated. While she was surprised she received the honor, she explained “I think I received this superlative because my peers see me as someone who works hard and really takes pride in being a student athlete.” She will be attending the University of North Florida, where she will major in social work with plans to attend law school. She will also continue her cheerleading career at the university.

As an athlete, Patrick Barnett was on the football, wrestling, and track teams. “I was humbled to receive this superlative and happy to see what my classmates thought of me” Barnett exclaimed, “I’m not sure if my superlative fits me… I would like to think so.” “ In high school I was able to compete at 2 sports at a very high level,” Barnett expressed when asked why he believes he was given the superlative. Barnett will be attending the University of Central Florida to play for their Division I football team, undecided on his major. 

Barnett and Lopez were both able to perform incredibly in multiple sports, the perfect example of being the worthy of the “Most Athletic” superlative. We wish the best of luck to both of them in their sports careers!

Unsung Hero

Not all heroes wear capes, some just perform good deeds yet usually go unnoticed. What better students to receive this award than Cooper Holcomb and Elyssa Walterson. Like many other seniors, the two were noticed for often doing nice things as students at Key West High School.

Walterson thinks that this superlative fits her because she believes that we should act on our morals, not approval. “It’s those small acts of kindness that can make someone’s day,” said Walterson. She was excited upon getting the title, but was shocked nonetheless. It was unexpected for her to get that award, but such a title was fitting for her.

“I think that I received the superlative because many of my classmates know me but not many people know me personally, so I’m usually under the radar,” said Walterson. This is what makes her an unsung hero, nonchalantly helping others and doing notably good deeds.

After high school she plans on attending The College of the Florida Keys for her associates degree, and then transfer to a Florida university from there.

Cooper Holcomb was the other senior to receive this title, and was also shocked to see that he had won the award, knowing there were other great candidates. Holcomb says that he was expecting to get the award, mainly because a lot of his friends had told him that they voted for him. He thinks he’s earned this superlative because of his friendships he’s made and the presence he’s had in classrooms.

“I do kind of think that this fits me. I’m quiet in the classrooms, friends with a lot of the people I meet, but one of the loudest on the field when game time comes around,” said Holcomb.

Holcomb has been involved in soccer, lacrosse, Mu Alpha Theta, National Honor Society, CSALT, Interact, and peer mentoring. He played on the JV soccer team his freshman and sophomore year, and lacrosse all four years of high school.

Holcomb will be attending The University of Florida to major in Aerospace Engineering. He hopes to get a job with NASA in the future working on propulsion and building rockets.

Most Intellectual

Senior Superlatives are something that all of the KWHS students look forward to. One of these superlatives is “Most Intellectual.” For many students, doing well in school is only a personal victory, and no one else ever notices, in this case, their peers have recognized their efforts and voted them. This year the winners of the “Most Intellectual” superlative are TK Perkins and Jasmine Sander.

Both of these seniors had been incredibly involved in our school community. Perkins was on the football, basketball, and track teams, was captain of the wake board club, participated in the National Honor Society, the Federation of Christian Athletes, and Art for the World. Sander was captain of the swim team, president of Mu Alpha Theta, and vice president of the Beta Club. They also have big goals for their futures. Perkins plans on attending the University of Central Florida with a major in Civil Engineering. Sander is going to pursue a degree in chemistry at the University of Florida and then continue to medical school to become a doctor, with an emphasis on anesthesiology.

It was evident to Perkin’s and Sander’s peers that they embodied “Most Intellectual,” but they were both surprised to be recognized in this way. “While I was prepared to be chosen as most intellectual, I was still surprised when my name was announced,” Perkins said. Sander explained that she understands why other people view her as “intellectual,” but she doesn’t agree. “I prioritize school and academics, but that just makes me dedicated,” Sander explained. “I think people generally view me as someone who focuses on academics and take lots of classes so people would translate that to “most intellectual,” but I think being intellectual comes from a multitude of things.”

Although having the qualities of a superlative is important when earning them, it is equally essential for the winners to have Conch Pride. Sander explains that for her, “Conch Pride is something to carry with me wherever I go, it is to remember to be a member of the community and to be conscious of my actions and to help those around me.” For Perkins, the most important aspect of Conch Pride is respect. “Respect for each other and respect for this town,” he explains, “We’re all in this together, it’s Conchs helping Conchs. Just like during hurricane Irma when we all pitched in to help the community recover. That’s Conch Pride.”

Most Courteous

The meaning of courteous is being nice and friendly to everyone you come in contact with. The two people that earned the title for the superlative were Derrek Gutierrez and Kelsey Lutz.

Guiterrez was very shocked at being picked for most courteous. He stated, “I was very surprised and curious about how I received a superlative. I didn’t expect it at all but nevertheless, I was very pleased to be recognized by my fellow classmates.” He also believes that he received this superlative because people noticed that he has a kind and sweet personality. 

Guiterrez considered himself “most courteous” because of the way he was raised and taught to treat people. His parents gave him a lot of freedom to become the person that he is today, and he believes that he has done a good job.

Guiterrez states the way he shows his Conch Pride is by, “Displaying it everyday in my life. Whether that’s through helping out my coworkers, interacting with customers, or aiding my family at home.” He has also participated in, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu throughout his time at Key West High School. The highlight of his year was receiving this award, because it was very meaningful to him. 

After high school, he plans on attending Florida Gulf Coast University to major in Journalism.

Lutz was also shocked to receive this superlative, she stated, “I was surprised and excited. I’m grateful for the recognition. I never realized anyone truly paid attention until it was announced that I was awarded.” She thinks she received “most courteous” due to her efforts of being kind and respectful to everyone. 

Lutz believes the title fits her, she says, “ I’d like to believe I am a courteous person. I genuinely care for my peers and do my best to help anyone in any way I can.” She is involved in the community and spends countless hours volunteering for the sole purpose of donating her time to help those in need. She is always polite and respectful to both her peers and authoritative figures. She explains, “If there is anything I can do to make someone’s day just a little better, I do it.”

Lutz has been very involved in several clubs and activities at KWHS. The clubs include, National Honor Society, Beta Club, Student Council, Executive Board, Keys to Be the Change, and French Club. She also volunteered at the Special Olympics, was a reading mentor for elementary students, participated in the Key West High School art show all four years, and she also traveled to Iceland for a photography tour. She displays Conch Pride by maintaining her grades and being involved in many extracurriculars. Throughout her four years at Key West High School, she has taken 13 AP classes and maintained a 4.0 GPA, all while working a part-time job and attending any after school activities that she could manage. In her opinion, “Conch pride embodies the concept of being a good student while also balancing your time between your academics and your social life while simultaneously exemplifying a kind and respectful demeanor.”

After High school Lutz plans to attend Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia where she will major in neuroscience or biology.

The highlight of Lutz’s senior year was definitely spending every day at lunch with her friends. For her, it’s the little things that mean the most. She never realized how much it meant to her until she could no longer be with her friends every day. Her advice to seniors is to stick together and appreciate your classmates. She explained, “with everything that COVID-19 did to the end of my school year, I realize it could’ve been much worse if I didn’t have my friends who also understood. I never knew how important our bond was until tragedy struck. Keep your relationships strong and you can get through any hardships together.”

Best Looking

The students who receive the “Best Looking” superlative have inward and outward beauty. These two Conchs are Georquis Batista and Daniel Gvili.

Batista was not expecting to receive a superlative, especially “Best Looking” because she believes there are many beautiful girls in the senior class. 

Batista believes her superlative fits her as a person because she thinks that throughout high school she has gained a type of beauty that is not just looks. “Winning best looking does not mean I am the most beautiful girl, because it is not true, but I do think I have a beauty within that many do not,” said Batista. 

Batista hopes that she was chosen for this superlative not just because of her outer appearance, but also her personality and how she acts towards people as well. She stated that being pretty on the outside isn’t everything. It is important to be just as beautiful on the inside.

During her high school years Batista has been very involved. She played basketball, volleyball and was a cheerleader all while being an active member in National Honor Society, Zonta, Beta Club, and Executive board. She also served as a Peer Mentor for incoming freshmen. After high school Batista plans to attend Florida Atlantic University in the fall to major in financial business.

Daniel Gvili was anything but expecting to receive the “Best Looking” superlative and was shocked to hear his name called over the announcements. “This superlative is not something I so much earned as I inherited, so I am forever grateful for my parents” said Gvili. He appreciates this honor and is flattered that his classmates view him in this way. 

The senior class may have recognized Gvili for his good looks through his extra curriculars. He was on the swim team for all four years of his high school career and was captain his senior year, he also played varsity soccer for two years. In addition, he was a member of Project Unified, executive board, vice president of Aviation Club, and president of Health Occupations Students of America. 

After high school Gvili will be attending Florida Atlantic University to pursue a major in human biology before medical school. His ultimate goal is to become a dermatologist. 


It takes a lot to impress the Key West High School student body when it comes to humor. Both Reynaldy Zephir and Wendy Galo have achieved this feat by receiving the “Most Wittiest” superlative. 

“Wittiest in definition means showing or characterized by quick and inventive humor. I can personally agree that I fit this description,” Zephir explained. 

Throughout his time at KWHS, Zephir has definitely made his mark by making the people around him happier by simply provoking laughter. Many know him for things like wearing a wig in his yearbook photo or randomly walking into a class that is not his. He believes that his classmates saw something in him when they chose him for this superlative. 

During his time in high school, Zephir juggled many different jobs, one of them working at McDonald’s. That is where he claims he got his connections and management skills. His junior year, he became the manager for the boy’s basketball team, where he later got playing time his senior year. “Being in that position with those boys and having the love of that sport made me feel relaxed and fine,” he said. 

His college career will start at The College of the Florida Keys where he plans on getting his AA and then transferring to the University of Central Flordia to get his bachelors degree in business. 

Wendy Galo was also excited when she heard the news that she received this superlative. “I think the senior class voted for me because through my humor I make people laugh and always try to lighten the mood during stressful situations,” she explained. 

Galo has been involved in many sports and clubs through her four years at KWHS. She played softball, basketball, and was a part of the swim team. She was also a member of Executive Board, Peer Mentoring, and she was the historian of Zonta and Students Working Against Tobacco.  

After high school, she will be attending the University of Central Florida where she will be majoring in Health Services Administration. 

Best Dressed

Being voted as “Best Dressed” is such an honor from your fellow peers. The two students that were voted “Best Dressed” were Jaylee Roberts and Jah’Mari Martin. With the amount of style that they both have, many people were not surprised that they got picked. 

Roberts was not shocked when she was chosen. She stated, “My Superlative, yes indeed I feel like I was the right fit, I always feel the need to express myself through fashion.” It has been a big part of her life to dress up. Whether she was rocking sweatpants and a hoodie, or a ball gown as if she was going to prom.

“I feel like I received this superlative because of the way I dress on a daily basis, people like my style and the different trends I start, I like being the outcast, the person who’s different. So that’s probably a big part of why I was that perfect fit,” said Roberts. She explains that finding confidence in her style has made her the person she is today.

Roberts has done more than dress the part of a good spirited student, she has also participated in school life. Such was a part of Conchettes, cheerleading, cheer manager, and a peer mentor. She displays Conch Pride by playing sports, participating in school activities, taking part in the community, and wearing red white and grey.  Roberts’ highlights of her senior year were cheer camp and football season.

Roberts plans on furthering her education at the College of the Florida keys to work towards her bachelors in business. After that, she will attend Aveda Beauty Institute to become a full specialist aesthetician.

Roberts’ advice to upcoming seniors is to enjoy every minute you have, you never know when it’ll be the last. “As you saw that our senior year got cut short, remember to live up every moment you can and really cherish the people around you,” said Roberts.

When Martin received his superlative, he stated, “I was excited but I expected to get it and I was proud of myself because of all the effort I put into my outfits.” He considers himself “Best Dressed,” because he dresses different from his peers and has his own style. “I’m one of a kind. I always try to be different from everyone else and try to find my own style,” said Martin. He is thankful for being chosen by his classmates.

Martin displays Conch pride by being a good student in and outside of the classroom. “To me Conch pride means to be dedicated and work hard for what you want in life,” stated Martin.

Martin participated in football for four years and basketball for three years.

After high school, Martin plans on doing a year of school at The College of The Florida Keys and and then transferring to the University of Central Florida to major in Business administration and minor in Sports Management.

Most Likely to Become Famous

The Superlative “Most likely to be famous” is given to those who are deemed to be successful in the future, whether it is academically or for their musical talents. Gabriel Rodriguez and Jaedyn Douglas were both selected by their senior class for being fine examples of this superlative.

Throughout the years Gabriel Rodriguez has been part of the drama club, drum line, choir, and steel plan. Rodriguez is also a leader in the Key West High School drumline.

Rodriguez was shocked when he found out that he had won the superlative, saying that he knew he was a contender but considered other individuals in his class having a high chance of winning as well. Gabriel believes that he received the title because his classmates have recognized his various talents and potential. “I think my superlative fits me because I was born to perform on stage in front of an audience, where I belong,” said Rodriguez. In fact, Rodriguez has been seen performing at local restaurants and even taking the stage during the Key West High School’s holiday concerts with his guitar.

Joining Gabriel was Jaeydn Douglas. Douglas played softball sophomore year, and has been a member of the Misty’s choir since freshman year.

After high school, Jaedyn hopes to attend St. Petersburg college in Florida to study and pursue a career as a musical performer. 

Douglas believes this superlative fits her because she’s always loved singing and performing, claiming that it has always been a dream of hers to create music and make others feel good.

Jaedyn excels at singing, making people laugh, and exciting her audience. Her many talents are why she believes that she is most likely to be famous. Jaedyn suspects that she won this award because of her frequent singing around her friends, as well as her outgoing and approachable attitude.

Douglas displays her conch pride everywhere she goes by being respectful to others and volunteering in the community.

Best Ride

Though at first receiving the best ride superlatives may not appear to show conch spirit, the winners, Francesco Drago and Savannah Iglesias, prove that having a maintained car can display an exterior of respectability.

Drago did not think he would win this superlative but he is glad to know that people like his car. “I display my conch pride everyday by driving around in my bright red car,” said Drago.

Iglesias said, “I think my superlative does fit me as a person and I believe I received it from showing the love I have for my car. ” She was very honored to receive this superlative and was not expecting to get it.

Drago was a peer mentor his senior year. He also has over 100 hours of community service at the local food pantry. Iglesias participated in football cheerleading all four years of her high school career and basketball cheerleading for three years. She joined executive board her junior year of high school and was also a peer mentor her senior year. “I display conch pride by being a cheerleader and cheering on all of the Conch athletes, and helping out in our community every chance I get,” said Iglesias.

After high school, Drago is planning to attend the University of South Florida, majoring in political science, and pursuing a career as a lawyer. Iglesias plans to attend the College of the Florida Keys for two years and then transfer to the University of Central Florida and become a nurse.

Students can display school spirit and conch pride in a number of ways. Both Francesco Drago and Savannah Iglesias confirm this with their various forms of participation, from cheerleading, to school activities, to community service. Like many others, they will take what they have accomplished and learned, and use it to their advantage through their next phases in life.

Most Changed Since Freshman Year

Over a student’s four years at Key West High School, they can change a lot as a person, some more than others. For the class of 2020, Edgar Castro and Irene Dugall were voted “Most Changed Since Freshman Year.”

Castro was a very involved student throughout his years at KWHS. In athletics he participated in swim and lacrosse. He was also an active volunteer, gaining hours by helping at the Clinic of Alternative Medicine and coaching middle school lacrosse at Sigsbee Charter School.

Dugall also participated in many extra curriculars. In her time at KWHS, she was a member of Beta Club, Keys to be the Change, Peer Mentoring, Spanish Club and executive board. She took part in a lot of community service, such as reading to young students at Gerald Adams Elementary School and helping out at Marathon races. 

In the next four years, Castro plans on first attending The College of the Florida Keys while also working for his family business for two years and then transferring to the University of Central Florida. His goal is to earn a degree in Mechanical/Electrical Engineering.

Dugall plans on attending Valencia College and then transferring to the University of Central Florida. She would like to study to become a crime and immigration lawyer, so that she may fix injustices in the world.

“I think “Most Changed Since Freshman Year” fits me as a person because not only did I change physically, I changed my state of mind.” said Castro. He explained how he was overweight and did not do well academically, but by getting into swim and lacrosse, it changed his body and motivated him to achieve higher grades.

Dugall shared similar views. “For sure I’ve changed so much not just physically but mentally. These four years have been a lot and I’ve just grown up.” said Dugall. She explains how she completely changed how she looked. “I went from a religious little girl who only wore skirts and glasses to a bold young lady who wore what she wanted,” she said.

Conch Pride is important for success at KWHS. Castro demonstrates this in many ways. “I display my conch pride through everything I do whether it’s playing sports or just hanging out with friends, I always show people how much the island means to me.“ said Castro. To him, Conch Pride is shown when you portray the high school and the people related to it in a positive way. To Dugall, Conch Pride is being proud of her community and supporting everyone in it.

Dynamic Duo

Batman and Robin, Rick and Morty, Scooby and Shaggy: all are famous and beloved dynamic duos known around the world. At Key West High, the “Dynamic Duo” superlative is given to the most notable duo in many respective fields and is known to work well together. This year’s winners of the senior superlative were Aiden Garcia and Preston Giacobbi.

“I wouldn’t say I was surprised to receive this superlative due to the fact that Preston and I are known at Key West High School as the best firefighter duo,” Aiden Garcia explained. Garcia, who is graduating this year, has been a part of Florida Christian Athletes, executive board and the fire academy in his four years at KWHS. Garcia said, “I was given ‘Dynamic Duo’ with a friend who is also pursuing a career in fire fighting.”

The friendship known between the two is just another reason many voted them as the Dynamic Duo. “I think that this superlative fits us because we are usually together, we have the same interests, and we’re even going to the same college,” Preston Giacobbi elaborated. They both agreed that their time spent together helped solidify the superlative. Giacobbi then explained a little more about his future, “After high school I am going to attend the Florida State Fire College to receive my certifications in fire 1 and 2, as well as my EMT.”

Garcia and Giacobbi were shocked when they first heard they were winners, but they gladly accepted being recognized. They can not wait to take the next step in their fire fighting duo journey.

Congratulations to the Class of 2020!

3 thoughts on “KWHS Class of 2020 Senior Superlatives

  1. Congratulations to ALL. Best of Luck in your coming years. You all deserve the best and always remember to take your “CONCH PRIDE” with you, where ever you go.

    Love You Jazlyn Paige Yarbrough!!!!!!

    Alumni class of 73′


  2. Congratulation to the class of 2020!
    You’re amazing!!!
    Keep up the wonderful work and never give up on your hopes and dreams.


  3. Congratulations to all the 2020 graduates of Key West High School and compliments to the administration and teachers who work there. It has been my pleasure to read about the accomplishments and activities of this exceptional school since my grandchildren have been students there. Best wishes to all for the future.


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