Key West Backyard Renovation

By: Gus Wilson

All around Key West, the high school sporting events and games create a huge buzz around town. These events are about to take a monumental step towards an upgrade. After a Monroe County School District meeting, a decision has been made to begin bids and planning on the renovation of Key West High School’s sporting fields, nicknamed “The Backyard.” This decision was made in connection to the recent completion of the Marathon High School sporting fields.

“The Backyard” is a large open field behind the high school that is used for many sporting events. Currently, it is being used by the high school’s lacrosse, softball, and track teams. After renovations, it will be home to the high school boys and girls lacrosse and soccer teams, as well as girls softball and the entire track team.

“We’re preparing for a complete renovation of ‘The Backyard,’” athletic director Sarah Eckert states, “However, we are waiting on multiple small details to continue forward.” Eckert continued on to say that getting land surveys and approving bids for sponsors are both necessary to proceed with the makeover.

The process of redoing the area is set to begin over the summer after the 2019-2020 school year. Eckert explained that “the project is focused on redoing the softball field, the track, and the center field of the track.” Instead of playing at Tommy Roberts Memorial Stadium, both the boys and girls soccer teams will play in “The Backyard.”

“Although we are all approved to move forward, we need to finish ironing out the details,” Eckert expressed. With the plan starting to unfold, the high school sports department will soon be new and improved and able to create a new face for our sports teams. However, none of the propositions will be finalized until after the surveys and bids are completed.

The Key West High School “Backyard” from one of the classrooms. Picture taken by Gus Wilson.

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