Variety Show

Dancing to upbeat pop, to singing musicals, to reading Yelp reviews about Key West all relates to the Key West High School Variety Show by the drama club. Many acts were amazing, starting off with the KWHS Fight Song played on the steel pans played by Lola Unuvar and Scarlett McMonigle. Whoever knew the song, sung along with them playing. I will sort out music, singing, dancing, etc in each paragraph and write my opinion about. 


There were many singing acts at the variety show, really at any variety/talent show. The first singing act was Unbreakable from the musical “6” sung by Kelci Grooms, which was beautifully sung. Next singing act was Meghan Bassatte singing “What Baking Can Do.” Afterwards, one of my favorite childhood songs, Almost There from The Princess and The Frog, was wonderful sung by Emma Scaleden. It was one of my favorite acts, she sung it with her chest, it was great. Suddenly, the drama club came up with an act, a little song from Monsters Inc, Mike Wazowski’s famously song, “Put That Thing Where It Come From, Or So Help.” It was one hilarious act, that they put themselves. Next act was a duet sung by Caesar & Teresa, a song by Shawn Mendes, called “Like to Be You.” Next song was a musical sung by Emma Carter, from the movie called “The Greatest Showman,” called “Tightrope.” Isabel Johnson went ahead and sung “People Get Ready.” “Princess Don’t Cry, was sung amazingly by Rilegh Cullum. Another musical was sung from the movie “Teen Beach Movie,” the song, “I Can’t Stop Singing,” was sung by Leia Bryan & Daliene. Selena Quintanilla is one of the most favorited Latin artists, and Daniela Valdez was singing just for her mom which is such a sweet thing to do. Go bilingual queen! The last singing act was from the band, Hispanic! At the Disco, starring Gabe Rodriguez, Noah Goins, and Leia Bryan.  The group sang a mashup of songs going from rock to pop, definitely one of the best acts that night. It was probably one of my favorites. Singing made up more than 75% of the show, which is most of the show. I really liked some of the songs they performed, great choices. 

Comedy & Others

 Down from comedy like reading reviews to dancing, other acts came to show what they got . Like doing colorguard dancing like Amelia Bly which was very cool seeing her throw the flags up and catching them. Hunter Oropeza did an act with his violin, which was very beautiful and amazing, it sounded amazing. Isaiah Arnold & Max McMonigle came along and gave us jazz, with their saxophone and trumpet duet. It was very soothing, and sounded great, I really enjoyed listening to the sax and trumpet together. Last by not least, we all know reviews can make or break a person’s reputation well the drama club took reviews on a whole other level. They chose to read reviews about your hometown, Key West, and most of them or I mean all of them had received about one star. Daniela Valdez, Lainey Cabanas, and Isabel Johnson have done a great job reading them with emotion which made their performance but Leia Bryan and her friend were the ones that really caught my attention. Leia first read one review about how the person went to a restaurant and ordered a food and they didn’t like it. So, they went ahead and started packing their stuff and they were going to leave. The owner/bartender told them to come back and pay even if they didn’t eat it. They told people to not to that restaurant. And then, her friend had read the reply to that review and the reply said, “well it’s illegal to order things and not pay for them, and if they had told them they don’t like it and they should’ve gotten other orders.” That person gave THEM a one star. 

The variety show was really good, and I was generally impressed with the acts. It was good and worth paying for to be honest. I enjoyed bits of it and so did other people and that’s all that matters.

Photo by: Douwine Filsaime

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