School Culture and Goombay

By: Emily Bracher

With October coming to a close, a jammed packed schedule of activities is normal in Key West. One of the big kick offs to the close of the month is Goombay, which is a two day “street party” that includes food from many cultures. The end of the street leads to a big fair type area where an abundance of students, teachers, and locals enjoy rides and music. 

Many make this event tradition by spending the weekend with friends and family. Amya Boose, a sophomore at the high school, attends Goombay every year. “My favorite thing about Goombay is getting to spend time with all of my friends,” says Amya, “School is super stressful so being able to go out for a weekend with friends is really enjoyable.” 

A crowded street in Bahama Village during the Goombay festivities.
Photo provided by: Patricia Rech

  A first timer at Goombay, Lola Unuvar, got to see the festival with a fresh set of eyes. “My first Goombay experience was not what I thought it would, it was very enjoyable but I did not expect such a big crowd and long lines for only 5 rides,” Lola explains, “In the end, I enjoyed it because I got to hang out with all my friends and experience something I’ve never experienced before.”

Not only students enjoys the tastes and music of this festival, but many teachers made their way downtown to join in on the fun, such as Patricia Rech. The English 1 and Avid teacher spent time with friends and family, being another first timer at this event. Rech stated that, “The people, the spirit, and, of course, the food,” is what hooked her into wanting to come back for more in future years.” 

If you want to join all the people who attend Goombay every year, go to Bahama Village next October for a weekend full of fun. 

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