Thursday The Weeknd Review

The second of The Weeknd’s first three notorious mixtapes Thursday is the album for review today. The Weeknd at the time of this mixtape had just gotten recognition for his first mixtape House of Balloons and it was important to capitalize on this momentum, which he did.              Track one Lonely Star throws you into the album immediately having high energy and getting you hooked right … Continue reading Thursday The Weeknd Review

The Weeknd House of Balloons Review

Before The Weeknd got world wide fame, he put out 3 mixtapes which caught the attention of Drake and the underground R&B world. The first of these 10 song mixtapes is House of Balloons.           The mixtape starts with track one High For This which starts with The Weeknd slowly singing and picking the pace up of the song before the bass drop that comes. When … Continue reading The Weeknd House of Balloons Review