Halloween horror nights

Have you ever heard of Halloween Horror Nights? At Universal Studios in Orlando, Japan, Hollywood, and Singapore, they host a Halloween event from September 8th to October 31st. The first-ever Halloween Horror Night was launched at Universal Studios Hollywood, on October 9, 1997. This event shows creepy characters that will jump out and scare you, even some from scary movies. If you’re not a huge fan of Halloween or getting spooked, try going to Disney’s not-so-scary Halloween party. This event happens to be not so scary hence the name of the event. Even though the characters from different shows and movies can’t touch you and you can’t touch them, it’s still frightening. 

Both of these events are hosted after their parks close, meaning that you have to buy a separate ticket for these events. For Mickey’s not-so-scary Halloween parties, those tickets cost about $109 to $199 per person. The Halloween Horror Night’s regular tickets cost around $179 to $289 per person. This ticket allows one-time access to each haunted house, ride, and attraction. For $219 to $329 per person, you can get a Halloween Horror Nights Universal express unlimited pass that allows unlimited express access to each haunted house, ride, and attraction per day. These tickets seem to be pretty expensive, but people have said that it’s worth it. 

Halloween Horror Nights is a great event because of how much fun you can have getting spooked while walking in the haunted houses or even doing some attractions which include terrifying haunted houses, nightmarish scare zones, outrageous live entertainment, and exhilarating rides. Not all the rides are open, but Revenge of the Mummy, Harry Potter, the Escape from Gringotts, Men in Black, Alien Attack, and Fast and Furious are open. At the event, they sell themed food and drinks plus merchandise. Halloween Horror nights typically end at 1:00 AM, but on the weekends, it ends at 2:00 AM.  

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