Girls Flag Football

In Key West, there are six girls Flag Football teams: Sugarloaf, Sugarloaf juniors, Marathon, Marathon juniors, HOB, and HOB juniors. Flag Football is just like normal football but instead of tackling, you have flags to pull. The flags are on a belt you have to put around your waist. On the belt there are three flags, one is on your left side, one is on your right side, and the last flag is behind you. All the junior teams are ages thirteen through fifteen and the other teams are six through twelve. Usually, the tryouts are in September. Once the teams are ready to start practice they form positions, all the practices are on Sundays. While your team is in play you can not go off the field unless for emergencies. 

In January, there is a tournament at Bernstein Park from eleven a.m to seven p.m. This tournament lasts about three weeks for all the junior teams to go against each other and so on. During the tournament, there is a concession stand where you can buy food and water after the game. Family and friends can come and watch too. After all the games are over, all the coaches go talk for half an hour to discuss the winners of the awards. The awards are for first, second, third, and fourth place, as well as personal awards for certain people. 

Flag Football is a great experience for people ages six to fifteen. Flag Football isn’t just about the game but it’s about getting along with the other girls on your team and enjoying new experiences together. Plus girls that play have so much fun.

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