Miami and the US welcome Formula 1 car racing

                Formula 1 Cars sped up to 200 mph at the new Miami International Autodrome on Mother’s Day. The Autodrome is also known as Hard Rock Stadium. This was probably the biggest event to happen in South Florida, since Super Bowl 54, which occurred before the pandemic. Formula 1 has typically been a sport held in Australia, Monaco, or Abu Dhabi. Last weekend was the first time American fans were able to see the race in Miami! Max Verstappen, representing Red Bull Racing, won this first- ever Miami Grand Prix, and Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc won 2nd. Max Verstappen said, “It was an incredible Grand Prix-very physical as well, but I think we kept it exciting until the end”. 
              The drivers and teams had no idea what the race track would be like , since it was newly created. They had only experienced the circuit through computer simulations.   The race took place on Sunday at 3:30 p.m. It was a 3.36 mile, 57 lap, 19 turn circuit.   It turned out that teams complained of really rough surfaces. Several drivers complained of no ‘off-line’ grip.  Mercedes driver, George Russell called the track, ‘rubbish’. Luckily Pirelli brought a variety of tires to the event. Other complaints were related to off the track. There waswere a lot of staff hired who were not given enough information to direct guests. There were a lot of complaints about disorganization.  
                  Overall, however, the 2022 Miami Formula 1 Grand Prix was a big success, both on and off the track. Even though the Dolphins CEO and the head of the Miami Grand Prix did not make money this year, the events sold out quickly at a high price. That is a sign of future financial success. It was expected the first year would either break even or take a loss. They now have a 10- year contract, so they feel confident there will be a future financial success. Regarding the complaints, critics still think they are minor and ‘quick fixes’. They believe fan improvement fixes are simple, especially for such a massive event.  What may be more of a challenge is fixing the track.  Unfortunately, the weather, Miami’s heat, and humidity are out of everyone’s control.  The next Grand Prix event takes place on May 22nd in Catalunya, Spain

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