Top 5 Best Hotels in the Florida Keys

By: Sophia Powell 

   People who live in the Florida Keys all their lives may not see how much of a beauty it truly is. However, people who have recently moved here and are looking to vacation here have a different point of view. People will pay thousands of dollars to vacation down here for only a couple of days. We live here every day and we’re used to seeing the same things every single day. So we mostly overlook the true beauty. 

  1. Cheeca Lodge & Spa, Islamorada – The beautiful Cheeca Lodge in Islamorada is a resort on a private beach. Cheeca lodge has multiple swimming pools, a spa, a gym, and tons of more amenities. They even offer a day camp for kids called “Camp Cheeca.” From Cheeca Lodge, you can experience breathtaking views, amazing service, and tasty award-winning restaurants. Right now, the rate for a standard room here starts at $349.
  2. Sunset Key Cottages, Key West – Sunset Key is one of the nicest resorts in the Keys because of how secluded and quiet it is. The cottages, food, and amazing views are also a game-changer when it comes to deciding where to stay. A really nice addition is that their main restaurant is open to the public. Fun fact: Oprah Winfrey once rented out the whole island for her 44th birthday! The starting rate for a standard cottage is $2,199.
  3. Playa Largo Resort & Spa, Key Largo – With 14.5 acres of land, this hotel includes a private marina beach and is also near numerous boat and car rental businesses and shops. They even offer a spa with options for facials, massages, and amenities like a sauna and steam room! When you arrive at your room, there is an iPad that you can use for your own leisure and to order room service. With that, the starting rate for a standard room here is $919.
  4. Amara Cay Resort, Islamorada – Known for its food, the Amara Cay Resort is a stunning hotel with amazing waterfront views. They have three different restaurants on their property that is over 2 acres. The hotel is also almost walking distance from the Indian Key Historic State Park and the Theater of the Sea. Each room offers breathtaking views and chic island-themed rooms! The starting rate for a beautiful room here is $375.
  5. Casa Marina, Key West – I find this hotel to be one of the best ones on this list, this is because of the tasty foods, amazing views, and how local-friendly it is. One of its most amazing features is the “backyard” which includes a 1,200 square feet beach, two pools, jet ski rentals, and multiple different ballrooms that you may rent out for events. They are even pet-friendly! The starting rate for a standard room as of today is $405. 

Although there are many beautiful hotels in the keys with amazing views and food, sometimes it can be very difficult to just choose one. Especially with the cost of hotel rooms going up, your options can be very limited. I recommend trying one of these hotels at least once the next time you come around to the Keys. 

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