Mass Shooting in Sacramento Kills 6, Injures Several

A mass shooting in the city of Sacramento, California, has killed 6 adults and injured 12 others. The mass shooting took place at around 2 AM Pacific Standard Time in the Capital City of California, Sacramento. The shooting occurred after a crowd gathered in front of a Sacramento Jewelry Store close to the California state capitol building, which was reportedly in a heated verbal altercation between two groups of individuals, which after further devolution into a physical altercation, turned into a mass shooting, with several shooters firing into the other group and killing 6 Adults and injuring 12 others in the crowd. The shooters were able to flee, leaving behind “hundreds of pieces of evidence,” including a stolen handgun, according to Sacramento Police Chief Kathy Lester. Police officers who were patrolling the area around the Capitol Building heard gunfire and responded to the scene, meeting a panicked crowd. They applied emergency life-saving measures to all injured individuals at the scene, however 6 sadly passed away, but 12 others were able to be kept alive and sent to medical centers such as the UC Davis medical college center and other regional medical centers. 

Police investigators at the scene of the shooting (Rich Pedroncelli/Associated Press/NFP)

Police investigators determined that there were likely multiple shooters involved in the mass shooting, as shown in a video taken from the mobile phone of a member of the crowd, as well as footage of the attack that also was captured from a police surveillance camera near the capitol building area. There were over 70 audible gunshots heard, which confirmed police suspicions over the event.

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